Padres gamble on Tingler for managerial job

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The San Diego Padres will soon announce Jayce Tingler as the new manager of the team, and the move is viewed as a gamble for the franchise. 

With a lot on the line, A.J. Preller and the San Diego Padres appear to be gambling on hiring Jayce Tingler as the new manager.

Ron Washington was also heavily considered, but the franchise chooses to go with a younger man who is relatively unknown. A surprising move, considering the failed attempt with Andy Green as the most recent manager of the Padres. Most assumed the team would choose a veteran skipper, but if there is one thing we know about Preller and the Padres- they often stray from the ordinary and think outside the box.

What Jayce Tingler brings to the table is a coach who is highly regarded in terms of player development. He has a vast history of working with players and assisting them in reaching their potential. The Rangers continually have talented young position players reach the Major Leagues and contribute. Tingler had a hand in that and is recognized for his efforts.

This is an excellent thing for the Padres as they have one of the youngest rosters in all of baseball.

There will be a dozen first and second-year players on the team in 2020 who are considered very raw. Cultivating their talent and getting the most out of them is vital for the team at this point. Jayce Tingler will be relied on heavily to do just this.

But can he manage a team and command respect?

Credit: USA Today

This all remains to be seen. He has had minimal experience guiding a professional baseball team and also has only spent a few moments in uniform during a Major League game. This hire is a huge gamble, but there is nothing to say the young manager cannot enjoy success. He has led three different DSL Rangers teams first to place seasons and is currently leading the Leones del Escogido to a first-place start in the Dominican Winter League.

Jayce Tingler is a gutsy move by a general manager who has everything to lose. Preller did not play this hiring safe and went after his man. This could be a wonderful move for this franchise. A lot of Tingler’s success will come from his coaching staff. The Padres must do well to surround him with some experienced men who share his passion for the game.

Tingler is undoubtedly a gamble by the San Diego Padres. But sometimes you have to take a chance. Hopefully, when this is all said and done, the Padres aren’t left feeling Green again,

7 thoughts on “Padres gamble on Tingler for managerial job

  1. Would’ve, Should’ve,Could’ve, had Dave Robert’s. That has worked out pretty well for the Dodgers. Ron Washington had some baggage. I hope it works out well for Jayce Tingler & the Padres. Give the guy a shot before saying he won’t be a good skipper. I think he can build the respect needed for the Pads. I think he will be just fine. We’ll see!

  2. My complaint is this: HISTORICALLY, the Padres have turned themselves into, one of, if not the least respected sports franchise in American sports. Let’s stop beating around the bush. That said, if you keep talking about these “waves of talent”, you DO NOT hire a manager who has NEVER managed a baseball team. Period..

    Seidler’s ownership group has invested HALF A BILLION BUCKS, in Myers, Hosmer and Machado. With the heavier ends of their deals coming down the pike, you need an experienced manager to get the best from them… NOT a rookie manager who oversees baseball games, with 4 sheets of analytical paperwork in his hands, while he stands in the dugout. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO RESPECT AND LISTEN TO A MANAGER, LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    And to those who say, “well, he’s bilingual..we need a bilingual skipper”?…was Ron Washington, bilingual, when Texas went to the WS, back to back?…was Joe Maddon, when he won a WS?…was Ned Yost bilingual, when the Royals won a WS?…And last but not least, was Bruce Bochy, when he won 3 rings in San Francisco?

    No, right?…ok, well I rest my case.

  3. Get ready for another 3-4 years of 70-92 !!!! I hope they don’t mess up the brown uniforms but we ll see !!!! ?

  4. If we win or lose this is a season that will be one of the most anticipated ever in Padres history. Preller has done great stacking our system and being patient. Now it is time to see the fruits of his labor. His manager is in place, core of the team is in place now it’s time to upgrade a few areas and allow the tingle to work with these players. DEVELOPMENT is what we need. Too many baserunning blunders and misjudging of flyballs. Do all of this and we will have our first winning season in over a decade. No worries here. I am with Team Preller

  5. Tell me a move that Preller has made that has been successful in the long run.
    Remember Kemp?
    States he is looking to add an experienced manager and then pulls a bait and switch.
    At least the new uniforms will be cool…..

      1. Thank you! Recent drafts have looked solid as well. Just the same, a down year will result in a new manager and gm.

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