Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 06 with Wayne Partello

Credit: San Diego Padres
Credit: San Diego Padres

In the sixth edition of the East Village Times podcast, we bring you a little inside information about the San Diego Padres. We were lucky enough to speak to Wayne Partello, the team’s Chief Marketing Officer.

He tells us a little bit about himself and his background in the sports marketing area. He has a very interesting past which includes several championships with many different professional sports franchises. We can only hope he brings that to the city of San Diego and to the Padres.

Mr. Partello gives us some information on the new Padres Social Hour host, and also tells us a little bit about the production of the show and all it entails. Turns out Blooper is the man, despite all the ridicule he takes on the show.

Hot topics on the up-coming season including uniforms, the new right-center field concourse, the Padres Hall-Of-Fame and the Petco Park All-Star game festivities were all discussed with Wayne. He gives some very honest and refreshing answers and shines a little light on some of the issues Padres fans have been asking frequently.

Petco Park being used as a multiple use facility is brought up as we get some specifics on events from the past as well as future events that are in store for the venue. It’s very interesting that the Padres have been so open to using their field in new ways and with that creativity the Padres will surely reap the benefits in the ticket office.

We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude for this Q and A with Mr. Partello and we hope to provide you (the fans) exclusive content like this on a daily and weekly basis. Stay tuned for more content you can only find here and as always questions, comments and concerns are always welcome. Thank you and Go Padres!

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