Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 86 (Hot Talent Lava) with James & Patrick

Credit: EVT Sports

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Credit: EVT Sports

The San Diego Padres got their man as Eric Hosmer has signed an eight-year/$144 million deal with the team.

I guaranteed he would not be signed. I was wrong. Not the first time in my life and certainly not the last. Let’s move on, people. I’ll be sure to tell him face to face that I was wrong. Don’t you worry about that.

I was against signing him initially and still have some trepidation about the deal, but I am glad it’s over and I see the promised land. Eric Hosmer has “it”. There is just something about the way he plays the game that will surely benefit the young Padres on the roster. I get it and hold out hope that he will blossom even further in a Padres’ uniform.

Patrick and I discuss the deal. In reality, five-years and $100 million is what we both thought was fair for him, and that’s what he got. The front-loaded deal gives him an opt-out after five years and gives the Padres the ability to retain him the last three years at what should be fair market value. It is a win-win and the team can now focus on baseball.

Ron Fowler had some interesting comments about Wil Myers that we delve into. I love his passion, but Patrick gets a little perturbed at the fact he continues to say whatever is on his mind without any filter. He owns the team. Who is gonna stop him? God bless Mr. Fowler and his no-nonsense attitude.

Scott Boras labeled the Padres a team “with a volcano of hot talent lava” when describing Hosmer’s decision to start with a young, up and coming team. That phrase immediately went viral and we have some fun with it in this pod. Don’t expect EVT T-shirts with that on it though.

The Hosmer addition means that the Padres have a crowded outfield. Hunter Renfroe‘s name has come up in the last few days as teams gauge the trade value of the right-handed hitter. We talk about Renfroe and his ability. Some within the team are concerned about his lack of making adjustments with his game, and we explore that.

Rocky Gale was DFA’d to add Hosmer to the 40-man, so that leaves Rafael Lopez and A.J. Ellis as the candidates to back up Austin Hedges this year. We speak briefly about the catching situation and what to expect. Not much here except that Ellis provides great leadership abilities. A common theme in camp.

“Bullpenning” is a concept we discuss. A piece was written this week by Ryan Davis on our site that brings some very interesting ideas to light. You should check out the piece and embrace the future of major league baseball.

Chris Archer and what it would take for his services is briefly talked about by us. We both agree the price tag would be huge and most Padres fans would not like it. Oh, and stop the ridiculous ideas that the Rays would take anything less. He is an ace and he is underpaid.

We end a little offbeat, sorry about that. We were just having fun.

We usually never edit. What you hear is who we are. So enjoy and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


1 thought on “Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 86 (Hot Talent Lava) with James & Patrick

  1. I could not agree more Patrick, Ron Fowler needs to stay away from the microphone. Peter Seidler seems so much more professional when he speaks, which is what you want in an owner. I get what your saying about “players wanting to be accountable” James, but those players have all retired. This eras players have all been coddled their whole lives and surely do not want to hear criticism from an owner at this point.

    And yes, Tatis is a Boras client.

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