Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 83 with James and Patrick

Credit: EVT Sports

Credit: EVT Sports

The EVT Podcast is back.

The beginning of the 2018 year has been rough for Padre fans. We first discuss some of the people around the team that have passed in the last month or so.

Dick Enberg, Rob Picciolo, Kevin Towers, and Oscar Gamble will all be missed by the fans.

It has been a very slow few weeks for the team. Not much recent news.

Eris Hosmer is still weighing his options and news broke today that he is holding out for an eight-year deal. The Padres are reportedly still in contact with him and Scott Boras despite the fact the team has “drawn a line in the sand” in regards to negotiations. We discuss Hosmer and his current options.

The Padres rotation is taking shape (sort of), as we talk about some of the young arms in the system. Will any of these young studs make it to the show this year?

In discussing bringing up young players, we talk about the 40-man roster and how the team will need to make some moves in the next 10 months. The team has a lot of players that would need to be added to the 40-man roster by next year.

Nick Margevicius is brought up, as I recently had the opportunity to speak to him. He has excellent numbers and could emerge in 2018. He is just another name in the long line of prospects in this deep farm system. We can’t wait for the spring.

The Christian Yelich rumors can officially end as we discuss the topic one last time. We talk a bit about the Brewers and also discuss what the Padres’ final offer for the left-handed outfielder might have been to Miami. We can only speculate.

This was an unscripted, short show. Apologies, but we will be back with a top-100 prospect show very soon.

Thank you for the support and, as always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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