Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 57 with A.J. Cassavell

Credit: EVT

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Credit: EVT

A.J. Cassavell of is welcomed back to the show and officially becomes our most frequent guest with his third appearance.

We start off talking about the state of the locker room with A.J. and how it has blossomed into what we see presently. The 2017 San Diego Padres were not supposed to be a good squad. The team isn’t a World Series contender presently by any stretch of the imagination, but they have shown some quality play. A.J. enlightens us on how the players have developed in this trying season.

“Tank Talk” came up in the podcast frequently as the Padres are fresh off a three-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies. Now,losing is not a day-to-day goal for this team, but you have to consider that the team is now in the middle of the pack in terms of earning draft selections for the 2018 season. There is still time to successfully fall lower in the overall league standings, but there is a fine line the team is currently walking. A.J gives us his thoughts on the “Tank Talk” which makes a ton of sense. It’s well worth a listen.

Michel Baez is talked about briefly, as is Carlos Asuaje and Cory Spangenberg. The infielders have been impressive, while Baez is just a hot topic in general.

We get some story lines to look forward to (from A.J.) for the rest of the 2017 season. There are still plenty of reasons to watch this ball club as they grow and become more of a cohesive unit. The Padres future is bright and A.J. agrees with that.

Andy Green is the right man for the direction of this team and we get A.J.’s impression on the manager’s recent extension. To A.J., it was a matter of when opposed to if the young manager would be extended. The players love to play for him and he is getting results.

Another great episode with some interesting information about the Padres. We appreciate your support very much and thank you personally. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to get ahold of us.

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  1. Hello James,
    After the start of the International signing period and the 30 plus signings ,everything has gone quiet.Do you know if there have been more signings which have not been published?

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