Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 45 with Jesse Agler

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For the 45th show we welcome Jesse Agler, from the road, in Chicago.

The Anthony Rizzo slide into Austin Hedges is fresh news, so we got Jesse’s opinion on the matter.

He explains to us his feelings and we all delve into this delicate matter.

We also get Jesse’s feelings on Allen Cordoba. The young phenom has impressed everyone with his play since the Padres selected him in the Rule 5 draft.

Clayton Richard is discussed between the two of us, and we also get Jesse’s insight on the left-field situation moving forward. The Padres have many options now that Franchy Cordero is playing well and Jose Pirela has come out of nowhere. One cannot forget Travis Jankowski either, who was the starter to begin the season.

All in all, a great conversation with Jesse, and we wish to thank him for his time.

The podcast is dominated by the Rizzo slide, so you have been warned now if you do not wish to hear about that topic.

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3 thoughts on “Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 45 with Jesse Agler

  1. the podcast?…was bullshit. I mean do you guys WORK for Chicago or what? Independent podcasts like yours, should be the kind of thing, where you can speak FREELY. And you mean to tell me, you couldnt being yourself to just lay it out there, EXACTLY how you feel about Rizzo?..are you serious, right now?

    so let me do it…

    so you say there “was no malicious intent”. What exacty does that mean?, we know Rizzo was not trying to murder Hedges. So that statement was unnecessary, as per, the subject matter of how and why Hedges got run over. Anthony Rizzo knew EXACTLY what he was doing, so there was in fact, INTENT TO DO HARM!…and he didnt give two chicken turds, what happened to Hedges after the fact. You know why?..because their ONLY concern is overtaking a surprising Brewers team. And Rizzo and his guys will stomp on your Mother’s neck to do that.

    That said, what he did is not right…its not legal..and it was bush league. The rule has been updated, and we THOUGHT it would be inserted into play and enforced by the umps. But just watching how all of this has unfolded with Joe Torre from MLB headquarters, going to Rizzo to say he was wrong but would not be punished, tells me, NO ONE is going to look out for the San Diego Padre, until they man up and make more out of situations like these,
    by looking out for themselves. This game and how Green managed it, so reminded me of wayyyyy too many games that Bud Black, managed, where Black was limpwristed and too damn nonchalant.

    now whether it be, by way of, arguing the point more to someone of note, who will listen and do something about it…or whether it be, asses coming off the bench to run out there and bang heads. Nothing will happen either way, if NOTHING is done.

    and thats what the Padres did….NOTHING. Now if they say they want to be a championship team in the near future, these type of games have to be played with a grit that is palpable…and sometimes opposing players have to be beaned or banged around in fights, so that opposing teams know, what you’re made of.

    this doing nothing, in light of one of your young studs, getting run over, just shows teams ONCE AGAIN, that the San Diego Padres are made up of altar boys, who never contend, and who are always the convenient footstool..

    you guys need to stop acting like someone in the Padres is paying you..and you need to call a spade a spade. Playing word games and not being more critical where its called for, is piss poor. Why do the podcast in the first place, if you’re trying to sound like Orsillo and Grant?

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