Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 32 with Dan Szymborski

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In this episode, we welcome back Dan Szymborski of ESPN.

Dan is the ZIPS creator, and his projection system is widely regarded as one of the best in the business.

He joins us fresh off a vacation and he is ready to talk Padres baseball. Not a topic he discusses too often, but he was more than willing to talk about the state of the franchise with us.

Last year, Dan was on our show and he pointed out that the Padres were treading water by not focusing on a rebuild or a playoff push. The team still had Melvin Upton Jr., James Shields, and Matt Kemp on their roster, and each costly veteran had no place on a team that was struggling with an identity. Things have changed in one calendar year.

The Padres have found some focus, and are presently growing their team by playing young players like Hunter Renfroe, Manuel Margot, and Austin Hedges. Each have shown tremendous ability early in the season. That is something for Padres fans to be excited about. All three players are discussed, as we get an idea of what Dan feels each player’s ultimate value will be.

We could not make it through the podcast without mentioning Matt Kemp. His numbers, or lack of them, is talked about as we bask in the fact he is no longer a San Diego Padres player.

A.J. Preller had a rough year and we talk to Dan about the G.M.

The ZIPS projection system is going on its 15th year and we certainly want to thank Dan for taking time to come on the show and talk baseball with us. Enjoy the podcast and please let us know if you have and questions or concerns.

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