Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 29 with Bernie Wilson

Credit: Fox Sports SD

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Credit: Fox Sports SD


For the 29th episode of the show we welcome back San Diego scribe legend, Bernie Wilson.

He has covered San Diego sports for the Associated Press since 1991 and provided he his take on the scene. He is never one to be shy about his point of view and with that, he is an excellent interview. The man just has no problem telling it like it is, and that’s why we love him.

The Chargers were a hot topic at one point, but we saved our topics of discussion to the Padres (mostly).

Bernie is always personable and willing to talk Padres baseball, and that’s what we are here for. The team has been one of misery in recent years, but the future does seem to be trending in the correct direction. Bernie was skeptical at first, but has he changed his mind (very slightly) seeing all the young talent.

We spoke to him in our 19th episode of the show, about one year ago, and we were anxious to see what his views on the rebuilding team are now.

The three of us talk briefly about the Rule-5 picks, and the fact that A.J. Preller is structuring this team in an unorthodox method. Preller is discussed, and Bernie gives us his thoughts on the man behind the scenes.

Of course some uniform talk came up, as we all discuss the Padres propensity to ignore what the fans want. That is a common theme with this organization and Bernie wholeheartedly agrees on this. We especially talk about the Alumni and how the team refuses to embrace its history.

It is always a pleasure to speak to Bernie. He surely has seen a lot in this city in his time as a scribe.

We featured a brand new intro song to the show in this podcast that was written and produced by EVT writer/contributor Kenyatta Martin (AKA @Riquested). A special thank you.

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