Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 26 with Mike Janela

Credit: FoxSportsSD

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Credit: FoxSportsSD
Credit: FoxSportsSD

For our 26th episode we welcome back Mike Janela of the Padres Social Hour show. He has been with the organization for a little over five months and we get his thoughts on the team, the city and the Padres franchise.

Last time we spoke to Mike, he was just hired and was excited to start his Padres career. It has been a pleasure seeing him grow as the host of the Padres Social Hour show. He had big shoes to fill in replacing Jesse Agler, but Mike has filled in well. He has brought his own style to the show and die-hard fans have adjusted well to the change.

We ask Mike about the show and if he has anything new and exciting planned. He could not divulge any information, but did say that the show is always working on providing new angles of covering the Padres. We find out a little more about the show and what a day in the life of Mike Janela entails. He puts in a ton of work and should really be commended for his efforts.

Mike talks about some of his favorite interviews. He mentioned Trevor Hoffman, Wil Myers and Dave Winfield specifically. He has had many great interviews with many interesting guests and Padres fans really appreciate the way Mike conducts himself. I ask about the dynamics of the show and the fact they have different co-hosts on the show along with him. Mike provides some great insight on that fact and we discuss that for a few minutes.

The team on the field is discussed as we talk about Wil Myers and his struggles since the All-Star break. The three of us determine that he is just tired having almost no break during the All-Star festivities. The young first baseman should pick it up soon and Padres fans have nothing to worry about. the Drew Pomeranz trade is discussed as is the Fernando Rodney deal. Not a fun topic to discuss but we remain positive with the future of this team.

Having spent a little time with Mike and the gang during the “Midway Classic”, we ask Mike his thoughts about the home run derby on top of the air craft carrier in the San Diego Bay. The show the Lake Elsinore Storm put on was excellent and we all really enjoyed ourselves that night. Mike speaks of the derby and tells us his thoughts.

With recent trade discussions being a hot topic, we ask Mike his thoughts on whom will be traded next. Andrew Cashner, Derek Norris and Melvin Upton Jr. are all reportedly on the block and Mike lets us know his beliefs on the situation. We all agree the trades are enviable but the Padres will be better off in the long run by making a few more moves.

We wish to thank Mike for joining us and it is very nice to see he is adjusting to life on the West Coast. Not a tough task by any means, but Mike has surely fit in well in San Diego and with the team. Thanks so much for the support. Apologies in advance to Matt Kemp fans as we went on a bit of a rant about him at the end of the show. It happens. Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for the listen.

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