Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 19 with Bernie Wilson

Credit: Padres Social Hour

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Credit: Padres Social Hour
Credit: Padres Social Hour

The San Diego Sports legend Bernie Wilson sits down and talks Padres baseball with us and a little bit about the Chargers too. He is a true SD Sports icon as he has covered professional sports in the area since 1991. Not too many can claim that.

Bernie has covered the Padres for more than half of their existence and that is something really cool. Bernie has seen a lot in his time in San Diego and it is interesting to hear his take on the present team. We talk about A.J. Preller and what he is attempting to do with the team. Andy Green is also discussed as we all comment about ┬áthe manager. Bernie gives us a couple of stories about “Greenie” that are very interesting and with that they give us an idea of what type of manager and person Andy Green is.

The Adrian Gonzalez situation is discussed. Something that is a personal pet peeve of mine when it comes to the Padres. Bernie gives us some very useful information regarding John Boggs (Adrian’s agent) and the fact the Padres never made an effort to sign Adrian. Something that I have said all along. The man was essentially pushed out the door because he was too good and free agency was pending.

The uniforms are discussed between the three of us. We all want the team to just stick to a color scheme and stop changing them. A sense of tradition is what is missing from this franchise and the constant change in uniforms is not beneficial for the growth of tradition within the Padres organization. Just pick a color (preferably brown) and stick with it. Geez.

We also went a little bit into the Chargers and their disloyalty to players like Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison and Eric Weddle. A common theme for San Diego sports teams. The booing of Jedd Gyorko and his reaction of killing the Padres this past weekend was what brought on this discussion. No matter who it is, whomever leaves the San Diego Padres seems to come back and hurt the team. It never fails.

We thank Bernie for coming on and talking sports with us. He has assured us he will be a regular guest on the show as we enjoyed getting his take on everything SD Sports. His honesty and uncandid approach is welcomed in this day and age of sugar-coating everything. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.

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