Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 120 with Jonathan Mayo & Jim Callis

Credit: EVT Sports

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Credit: EVT Sports

Here is episode #120 of the San Diego Padres EVT Podcast.

The San Diego Padres are full of relevant prospects.

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis join the podcast separately to discuss their recently released MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospect list.

The San Diego Padres claim five players on the list (MacKenzie Gore, CJ Abrams, Luis Patino, Luis Campusano, and Taylor Trammell) as the team continues to flex its prospect muscle around the league. 

Before we discuss the prospects, Jonathan Mayo gives us an idea of how the list is formulated. Jim Callis further explains the list and gives us a little inside information as he admits that Gabriel Arias made his list of top 100 prospects.

As we get into the pod, both analysts break down their views of each of the five Padres’ prospects. We get in-depth with each player and spend a few minutes on each. 

We take time to discuss some of the Padres offseason moves and how it positions the team for the immediate and distant future. Jim Callis’ take on these Mookie Betts to the Padres rumors is true gold. The veteran analyst pulls no punches in discussing the topic.

A special thanks to both men for their time.

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