Padres Editorial: Will the Team Hold Strong and Keep Everyone?

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Mandatory Credit: Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Getty Images

The recent comments of majority owner Ron Fowler indicate that the team is willing to hold off on any trades. By winning recently the team is once again on the fence on whether or not to start trading. The five impending free agents are sure to be at least shopped around to other teams. If the team intends to compete this year, they still need some upgrades. Most obvious is a starting shortstop who can play everyday.

The San Diego Padres have been on a search for a shortstop but nothing has come to fruition as the position is one of scarcity around all of Major League Baseball. There have been rumors about Troy Tulowitzki, Starlin Castro, Jean Segura and Elvis Andrus. Each potential trade has failed to result in anything coming to a head. The position is one of great weakness around the league, so teams that have shortstops available for trade are being quite stingy about dealing them. Something has to give eventually for the Padres. The need is just too strong.

So, will this team stand pat and not trade any of their impending free agents? If they chose to keep Justin Upton, then they better re-sign him in the off-season. To let him walk away this winter and only receive a draft pick would set this franchise back a year or two. The Padres gave up some quality talent for Upton. To only get back a draft pick in June of 2016 would be useless for the teams immediate future. A 2016 draft pick will not reach the Major Leagues until 2018 at the earliest. Not exactly helpful for a team that is trying to contend now.

Joaquin Benoit has an $8 million dollar option for next year and it remains to be seen if the club will deal him. The price tag of $8 million for what Benoit has produced, is not a horrible contract. It seems to be right on par with what Benoit should be paid. The right-handed reliever will surely be in high demand if the Padres decide to move him. Shawn Kelley as well could be dealt being that he is an impending free-agent. He could also draw some trade interest if the Padres make him available. He too could fetch a decent prospect in return.

With a possible trade of closer Craig Kimbrel, the Padres might elect to keep Benoit and use him or Brandon Maurer at the closer position. Anything could really happen at this point. I don’t think even A.J. Preller knows what is going to happen. He has already stated that he has multiple scenarios that he has worked out. A new team could surface at any time as a trade partner. With one week left and teams already upgrading (I.E. Johnny Cueto to the Kansas City Royals), values of players will surely begin to skyrocket. The Padres could easily become a very popular team to talk to before the trade deadline. We all know A.J. Preller loves to make deals.

Ian Kennedy has a very high probability to be dealt provided the Padres receive a prospect or two for him that they covet. He could be a very good innings eater in the middle of the rotation for a team trying to contend. Will Venable is also a free agent after this season and the eight year Padres veteran could be dealt as well in the next week. His loss would be very emotional for the Padres being that he is currently the longest tenured Padres player.

After taking three out of four games from the Marlins, the Padres stand five games under .500 and eight and a half games behind the Dodgers for first place in the division. They are within reach, but any sort of losing streak will surely take them out of contention. They put themselves in this position with their inconsistent play earlier in the year. The team has nobody to blame but itself. This upcoming four game series in New York will be huge for the Padres. The Mets are currently ahead of them vying for the second wild card spot. If the team were to win at least three games in the series, they would put themselves in even better position.

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