Padres Editorial: Why Jedd Gyorko Should Be In the Lineup Everyday

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San Diego Padres at Baltimore Orioles May 15, 2013
San Diego Padres at Baltimore Orioles May 15, 2013

It gets even better: Jedd Gyorko, according to his career splits, starts hitting and gets luckier when he gets more at bats. He’s a .265 career hitter in June, and in August/September/October his power numbers seem to rise (.469 SLG in June, .445 in August, and .426 in September).

Success at the plate in these months happened two years ago, happened last year, and I’d like to think it’ll happen this year as well.

In comparison, Cory Spangenberg has been starting in place of Gyorko for a good portion of this month. He has been in a rut recently and now is only hitting .232/.297/.341 this month. Those numbers are boosted by a couple of 3 hit games. His wRC+ is 82 and his defense has been sub par at best. This isn’t a knock on Cory (he is good-looking, a decent ballplayer, and should be getting his fair share of at bats) but he shouldn’t be starting.

You know how we are all like “let’s be patient with Matt Kemp, in May his numbers usually aren’t too good.” Well, it’s the same for Jedd Gyorko in the month of April. The Padres don’t have a better option at second base right now. Gyorko needs to start.

If I could describe an attitude that Padres fans need to have about Jedd Gyorko, it’s patience. I may be more positive about him than others, but he has a lot of potential and has shown he can hit the ball when given playing time.

For a team as inconsistent as the Padres have been recently, he needs to be in the lineup everyday. Management signed him for 5 years and $35 million, it’s time to play him everyday and watch him earn that dough.

Bud Black, if you are reading this, please put Jedd Gyorko in the lineup for a week or so. Let him play and see what he can do; I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

Go Padres!

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