Padres Editorial: The Sky is Not Falling Padres Fans!

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Courtesy SD Union Tribune
Courtesy SD Union Tribune

The current four game losing streak has a lot of San Diego Padres fans up in arms. You would swear that the team is down zero games to three in the World Series. Wednesday nights demoralizing loss to the Colorado Rockies, by the hands of a Corey Dickerson home run off Joaquin Benoit in the eighth inning has taken a bit of swagger out of the Padres step. They have looked a bit stagnant in the first two games of this important Dodgers series.

Fear not Padres fans as I see this as a positive for the team. In order to succeed in this marathon long season you have to go through games like this. Every team will go through a series of games which will test their moxie. The time is now for the Padres to truly build chemistry. They all ready know they have the ability to come back on most anyone, now they must trust themselves and play as a team.

The passion demonstrated from the Padres fans on Twitter are a thing of beauty in my eyes. I realize the Padres will not go 162-0. They will by all means, have at least 60-70 loses (hopefully), so the loses will happen. It’s part of the game. You can’t let the games that you lose drive you crazy. The fans want every win, and will easily find a way to nitpick at a loss. It’s the nature of the beast, you cannot control it. The fact is this type of passion has been non-existent for at least seven seasons. The Padres are a relevant team, and with that legitimacy comes an expectation of winning. I cannot express all the joy in San Diego for finally having a Padres team to be proud of.

Yonder Alonso is killing the ball right now and any talk of a first base upgrade has quieted down considerably. He might have finally turned the corner with his production. Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, Justin Upton and Will Middlebrooks bring an expectation of winning. Fans expect for this team to produce and to see them score one run in two games is giving fans 2014 Padres flash backs.

The Sky is not falling Padres fans, it just feels like it is. The losses against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday and Saturday night were tough. You have to look at the positives though, the team had Zack Greinke on the ropes in the second inning but failed to capitalize. Those things happen, you have to tip your cap to the pitcher sometimes. The Padres also battled and came back to make a decent game out of Saturdays match-up.

The passion exuded from fans does make the team better. By pushing the team to succeed and win every game, that is exactly what they will try to do. Losses will happen, it is part of the game. The whole story is how you respond to defeat and make yourself a better team for it. That is what makes championship teams, that is what makes winners.

The team must come back and take this final game of the series. They take the final game and they will be one game behind the Dodgers. The season is full of ups and downs. Obviously the Padres are in a bit of a tail spin, but the heart they show even in a loss is encouraging. The fundamentals of the game must improve for the Padres. They cannot give away games on the base paths or with defensive miscues. The sky is not falling Padres fans, just relax it is only a matter of time before the Padres get their mojo back. This team is too good for it to be any other way.

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