Padres Special: Spring is in the Air

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Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The sound of the ball pounding the glove. That popping sound of that well-worn leather glove along with the crack of the bat and its wondrous echoes are nearly upon us.

Spring is in the air (almost) and it is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. The time for optimism and a renewed love.

The love of the game which embodies our very soul. The game that we all know, the game we all love. The game that no matter what changes occur in life; remains the same. As constant as the tide.

Every baseball season comes with natural optimism. No matter who the bodies are that make out the completed roster, each team starts with the same record. Each team starts from the ground floor.

Teams must find their identity and trust one self if they plan to succeed. The pretenders will be eliminated as soon as the first adversity sets in. Those that look for quick way out, will find no satisfaction.

To say the winning formula is easy to create, is a mistake made by many. The recipe is secret and not often duplicated, it requires skill and discipline and luck is also key.

Our love for this San Diego Padres team is constantly challenged. Our devotion is in frequent jeopardy. Still when it is all said and done the faithful have not gone away.

We pledge our love to the dying day. We surround ourselves with pride for this team, and it shall never go away.

As long as devotion to the team is made by those who pull the strings, than forever we shall treasure all Padres things.

Patience is not an easy thing to ask for. Constant injustice grips us all. This team is headed in a positive direction. Trust me all

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