Padres Editorial: Should the Padres Have Traded in July?

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
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When the San Diego Padres decided to mortgage the future in obtaining legitimate talent now, the city of San Diego was infected with Padres fever. Acquiring Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Derek Norris, James Shields, and Craig Kimbrel gave the Padres real Super-Star quality talent on their team. In recent years, Padres fans have witnessed a mostly mediocre team on the field, and for most die-hard fans, it had become a really old sight to see.

Padres General Manager A. J. Preller has been with the team for exactly one season, and his presence has been felt throughout San Diego. The Padres have become a relevant team once again, and the team seems more focused on the future than at any time before. All though a lot of picks were moved this past off-season, the team is obviously focused on the future. Preller comes with a track record of success working in the Texas Rangers organization.

With all that being said, was it a bad move for the team to not make any moves before the trade deadline? The team needs to be improved in certain areas, that is a fact. There is no denying that. However if the right fit for the team were not made available during trade negotiations, then Preller did the right thing in not making any deals.

In moving Justin Upton the team would have only received a mid level prospect. It was painfully obvious that teams were not going to pay the house for a rental in the outfield. Instead of angering Padres fans and doing what was typical with past Padres front offices, Preller decided to hold onto Upton. A truly bold move and a decision that not many people saw coming. Stunned Fans were left wondering.

He deserves to be commended for not backing down on his asking price. Obviously other MLB General Managers assumed the Padres would be selling off their higher salaried players. Preller intends to build a succesful franchise, not just a one year wonder. The team will focus on the future and hold onto key pieces that can be moved during the off-season when team are more flexible with trades.

It boggles the mind that most National Media outlets cannot comprehend that decision. Yes, Padres teams of the past have been quick to trade players when they are out of it. This is not the same regime, and it is becoming obvious. Great news for Padres fans as they have longed for a team of relevance.

The Padres are in an evaluation period in the season. The team has it’s back against the wall and playoffs are basically only a dream. The way a player participates and plays the game now, dictates the type of player you want on your ball club for the future. It would be very easy as a player to just not care. To just go out there and go through the motions. Players who play in meaningless games with heart, are the type of players you want on your roster. Now is the time to weed out the players who are only collecting a paycheck.

So did the Padres fail miserably in not trading in July? NO, Not at all! The outcries are coming from either those that are not familiar with the team or those that were just looking to plunder the Padres talented roster. This team and more importantly, this organization, has a very bright future. The fans just need to be patient and let the team build a ball club the city of San Diego can be proud of.

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