Padres Editorial: Peter Seidler Speaks of Padres Bright Future

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

In a recent interview with Mighty 1090 and Daren Smith, Peter Seidler spoke of the future of the San Diego Padres. The team’s owner/lead investor talked about the plans of the team and the fact that ownership intends to change the philosophy of the mostly failed franchise.

For virtually the teams entire existence the San Diego Padres have lacked a plan. Time after time the beaten-down fan base has witnessed fire-sales, horrible trades, and business decisions based solely on financial reasons. It is no wonder that the fan base is fickle. They have yet to see an ownership group commit to winning. This group of men seems different.

Seidler is a refreshing owner with a definite love of the game and a background in the sport. He really does intend to change this franchise and there are even whispers that he will eventually succeed Ron Fowler as the teams majority owner and Executive Chairman. That could happen eventually, but for the time being Fowler is the main man.

You really have to appreciate Seidler’s honesty in this day and age. While most high ranked Padres official are yet to indicate a rebuild, he very honestly indicated that the team will not compete realistically until 2018 or 2019. That is refreshing. That is what the fans want to hear. Be honest with the fans and they will support you. A lesson past ownership groups failed to practice.

Not that the team will not be decent in the mean time, but the depth on the farm system is in the lower levels. With that it will take time to reach San Diego. Between last years draft where the Padres got value from Austin Allen, Austin Smith and Jacob Nix and this years draft where the team added Cal Quantrill, Hudson Potts, Eric Lauer, Mason Thompson, Buddy Reed and Reggie Lawson with their first six picks, the future is bright. Now with over 20 young International Signings thrown into the mix, the Padres A-Ball system is going to be fun to watch for the next five years. Keep your eyes on Adrian Morejon, Luis Almanzar, Tirso Ornelas and Jeisson Rosario. Each young teenager could be the next face of the franchise.

Seidler is well aware of the Padres constant problems when it comes to finding, drafting and developing talent. He talks about a 10 year streak of winning baseball when the youth of the farm system finally reach the major leagues. He speaks of developing homegrown talent that most successful franchises posses. The team and its future are surely bright. Fans need to realize this. Yes, the product on the field leaves much to be desired now, but you have to admit this ownership group has intentions of success.

A.J. Preller should feel very secure about his job. The ownership group indicates that he and his staff are going to be with the team for the long haul. It will take five years before we even have any sense of how well the franchise is doing in their change of philosophy and development. I have a strong feeling that when that five year mark comes, this team will be in the beginning of something very special. By 2019 the Dodger and Giants will be ancient teams full of expensive talent. That will be the first window of opportunity for the Padres to make their mark. If all goes to plan, the Padres will be a relevant team very soon. Perhaps even sooner than you think. Peter Seidler realizes this and is looking towards the future of this franchise. This overhaul will pay off. Mark my words.

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  1. Peter Seidler is the “majority owner”. Ron Fowler is the front man, or “point man”, representing the owners group. MOST of the money they spend is the Seidlers’ money, as well as the OMalley cousins. Fowler isnt much more than he was, when he was a minority owner…him and the billionaire gentleman, from Mexico (sorry, cant remember name).

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