Padres Editorial: A Detailed Look at the Padres 2019 DOMINANT Rotation

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Credit: Fort Wayne Tin Caps
Credit: Fort Wayne Tin Caps

***Age of pitcher in Spring of 2019

Anderson Espinoza (21)

The comparisons go on and on with this young man. I am not one who likes the idea of comparing a player to someone of the past. It seems pointless, but when you hear the names Felix Hernandez, Jose Fernandez and Pedro Martinez, you listen. This kid has it all. He came to the states at the age of 17 and made it all the way to A-Ball. He is not here to mess around and it is quite evident that this young man has the focus and drive to succeed in the game. With a triple-digit fastball and a nasty 12 to 6 curve ball, he should be effective for years to come. He also has an above average change which some scouts say could be his best pitch eventually. He has great feel for that pitch and will only get better with it with more experience. In 2019 he could very well be the anchor of the Padres rotation.

Adrian Morejon (20)

The best pitching prospect on the international market was snagged by the Padres as A.J. Preller continues his developement of the system. Morejon has outstanding poise on the mound for a 17-year-old. His fastball sits at 92-95 MPH range and he has demonstrated at an early age that he knows how to pitch. The Padres will surely try to get him into the system sometime this season, but being that he is 17 and a Cuban national, it may have to wait for next year. Morejon should progress through the Padres system fairly quickly and has a real shot of making the team in 2019 at the age of 20. He has ace potential as well and it will be exciting to see him grow in the Padres system.

Luis Perdomo (25)

He has certainly taken off this season for the Padres. The former Rule-5 Draft pick was selected by the Padres from the Cardinals before the Spring. He was picked with the intention of him working out of the bullpen and perhaps as a swing-man. His major league career started out bumpy, but he has improved every month and shown a wide array of pitches. He has nasty movement on his 2-seam fastball and once he learns to control that, he will be unhittable. Perdomo is learning on the job presently but you can see him make the adjustment that are needed for success. His future is bright and he could very well be the teams ace of the future.

Logan Allen (21)

Having had the pleasure to talk to Logan on multiple occasions I can attest that this young man is very determined to succeed. He has the calmness about him at a young age that is remarkable. That seems to be a common theme when the Padres look for pitchers. Logan Allen, like Morejon and Espinoza, should progress quickly through the system. He has above average command and excellent stuff to boot. Like all the Padres young hurlers, he will be brought along slowly. Just enough to get the best out of him without damaging his valuable young arm. Allen is highly regarded among scouts and most agree he could be one of the first to reach the major leagues out of this group.


Austin Smith (22)

The Padres first selection in the 2015 draft was Austin Smith. The big right hander has progressed nicely but still has some learning to do. His mechanics are solid and his motion is great. The Padres will just be patient with this young man as he figures it out. He might take a little bit to develop, but has a very nice ceiling and could be a solid mid level rotation guy for the team in 2019. Allen is having some minor control issues and that is to be expected with a hard thrower like himself. His power curve ball and developing change are going to dictate how well he progresses at each level. Smith was A.J. Preller’s first draft selection and could easily turn the corner at any time. Once he does. Look out. He could easily gain strength and confidence taking his game into a whole new level. He has an exciting future with the Padres.

Jacob Nix (23)

Like Austin Smith, Nix was drafted in the 2015 draft. He was taken 83rd overall and has a very nice ceiling as well. The power thrower is similar to Austin Smith in his size and stuff. The duo both have power fastballs with excellent hooks. Nix is a bit more polished at the moment with his control and command. Ironically Nix is the one who has battled control issue in the past and had difficulty repeating his delivery. He is doing well now and should easily be a rotation fixture on the Padres down the road. He has great stuff and just like Smith, he could take his game to the next level and become a huge talent at any time. Do you see a common theme here? These pitchers the Padres have stockpiled are no joke. Huge upside is a common theme.

Dinelson Lamet (26)

Here is the first of the prospects on this list to likely reach the major league level very soon. Lamet is currently in San Antonio after a promotion from Fort Wayne. He is 9-5 this season with a 3.02 ERA in 101 innings. The right hander has a mid 90’s fastball with a slider. He doesn’t possess dominating stuff by any means, but he gets batters out consistently. At 6′ 4″ and 187 lbs he has good size and there are whispers he could pick up velocity once he grows into his body. Lamet could get a call up this season, especially with Drew Pomeranz in Boston now. If not this year, he will probably get a shot next year as long as he continues to progress. By 2019 Lamet could be a decent starting pitcher at the major league level and another example of how dominant this Padres staff could be. Keep reading it gets better…


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5 thoughts on “Padres Editorial: A Detailed Look at the Padres 2019 DOMINANT Rotation

  1. The best part of this list is what can be added to it next year after the draft. Especially if they go after college pitching. The way its looking, we could have a top 5 pick in each round, not to mention the comp balance pick.

    I’d say grab some hitters and some college pitching next year.

  2. I think you have to include Pedromo who will be in his prime at 26 in 2019. In fact I believe he will be one of our top end starters by the end of this season. Filthy sinker.

  3. James, loved the article. At this point, especially if you’re a true Padre fan 2019 is a blink away and worth the wait. Was wondering if you might be doing a similar article for positional players anytime soon?

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