Padres Editorial: Padres Fans Need To CHILL OUT

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Credit: UT San Diego

I’m getting sick and tired of reading all this talk of the San Diego Padres stinking and how its the same old story. People are making their opinion about the team before the team is even built and before they have even played one single game. Really people? Come on. I know we are San Diego Sports fans, but can we just relax one moment?

Losing Craig Kimbrel was rough, I know that. He did however bring three top end prospects (Manuel Margot, Javier Guerra and Logan Allen) and a prospect who might be ready for service in 2016 (Carlos Asuaje). That was a very smart trade for the Padres. Their farm system needed a shot in the arm and that’s exactly what they got.

I know that after lasts season spending spree, hopes were high for the team to spend more money and acquire more talent. The front office learned a valuable lesson in last years free-for-all bringing in talent. Adding Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, James Shields and Craig Kimbrel didn’t guarantee success and the team fell flat on its face.That is the cold hard truth to spending money, you never know.

So what is the answer? To throw more money at the problem? The Los Angeles Dodgers with a seemingly unlimited budget have shown that does not work. The game of baseball is a team sport, and your deficiencies cannot be solved by creating an all-star team. It takes one cohesive unit in order to succeed. The front office realizes that now, and is attempting to cultivate their own talent and acquire players who are motivated to win, not just to play the game and collect a paycheck.

Call me a positive fan if you want. Call me old-fashioned. Call me delusional. I don’t care. I have waited so long for a respectable team, I am more than willing to be patient when the team is on the cusp of finally achieving that goal. In this day of Ultimate Fighting and Twitter, people want instant gratification. They want wins now. Well the game of baseball is like life, you have to be patient and except your fate. When the time comes you will be rewarded heavily for your patience.

Stop the crying, stop the insults. Stop all the demands for trades and free agent signings to happen now. When the time is right and when the move is correct, it will be made. A.J. Preller is not going to act upon what everyone else does. Yes, the division has improved. The Padres have yet to do anything for their 2016 squad and yet the team has improved financially and improved their farm system.

A shortstop will be acquired. Another bat or two will be added. You can trust that the Padres will do what is best. Have patience and enjoy the formulation of this team. You can already see the begin skeleton of a potential winning franchise. Just hang in there and enjoy the benefits. This franchise will turn it around.