Padres Editorial: Don’t Trade Myers, But Not for the Reason You Think

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Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Don’t trade Wil Myers. And not just for baseball reasons.

According to published reports, the Padres are willing to at least discuss trading the 25-year-old OF/1B.

This is a terrible, horrible, rotten idea.

Myers is on the verge of reaching the status of an elite hitter. With the exception of an inferior BB/K ratio, Myers’ 2016 is poised to exceed his rookie season, which won him the Rookie of the Year award. Myers is also stealing bases in greater volume (8) and efficiency (89%) than he ever has before. In short, nearly every metric is trending upward and, despite having limited experience, he has been league average at first base. This makes Myers capable of playing 3 positions in the big leagues (LF/RF/1B). Guys who can play in multiple places are more valuable than those who can not.

Myers also had successful surgery in 2015 that, at least for now, appears to have solved his chronic wrist problems that plagued him for the past 3 years. With Myers approaching the prime of his career and with injury problems being held at bay, it appears there are big things ahead.

In addition, Myers is under team control for another 3 seasons, giving the team the option to go year-to-year or buy-out his arbitration years this offseason. Options are always good.

Also consider whether the Padres would receive equal value in a trade. With the team obviously in the selling mode, their leverage is greatly reduced. Sellers at the trade deadline are not in a position to dictate terms. It is never a good idea to negotiate from a position of weakness.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Myers will likely become the face of this franchise. Fans are frustrated at Matt Kemp and his aging hips. Jon Jay is a nice player, but grabbing headlines has never been his thing. Starting pitchers are more difficult to market due to the fact they only play once per week.

The Padres need a young, entertaining player to market to the fans. At no time in recent memory has the team had the luxury of a fun guy to throw onto billboards and put in TV commercials.

Chase Headley was fine, but more business-like. Adrian Gonzalez might as well have been called “ice man” for his lack of personality. Brian Giles wore a constant grimace. Phil Nevin looked like he wanted to fight, rather than smile.

Please don’t pelt me tight virtual tomatoes for this comparison but the last elite player who also looked like he was having fun, was Tony Gwynn. I am NOT saying Wil Myers is another Tony Gwynn. I am saying Myers can be the guy that brings kids to the ballyard to meet and take a picture with. I can also imagine Myers performing in a TV spot, joking about how asymmetrical his hat usually sits on his head.

Padres, unless you’re offered Mike Trout or Bryce Harper, don’t trade Wil Myers.

2 thoughts on “Padres Editorial: Don’t Trade Myers, But Not for the Reason You Think

  1. “Fans are frustrated at Matt Kemp and his aging hips” Most fans understand the background of the deal we made for Kemp and the risk there. Kemp has missed barely any time and is in league leaders for AB, hits, HR and RBI this year. I think Dodger fans are frustrated he isn’t in their lineup. I’m frustrated with Padres fans that seem to complain about our players that meet/exceed expectations. I certainly don’t miss Grandal who is hitting under .200 and making 12 million as a PT catcher. Howie Kendrick is playing a corner OF spot yesterday for Dodgers hitting .240 with 3 dongs. Now that is something to complain about and we can be glad Kemp is on our side.

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