Padres Editorial: If Andy Green was Selling a Bridge, I’d Buy it

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Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

The game of baseball is very much mental. Right when you think you have the game figured out, it will turn around and humble you in an instant. You must respect the game in order to have a long career and what you put into the game is definitely what you get back. That can you can be sure of.

Ask any baseball Hall of Fame member and they will tell you that they were not born with the skill they have. They instead worked very hard and sharpen their minds by playing the game and mastering all the intangibles necessary for a successful career. There are tons of talented players in the major leagues, it takes that extra competitive edge to stay consistent in an attempt to succeed at the highest professional level.

Not that former manager Bud Black was a horrible manager, or a horrible motivator, but Andy Green appears to have brought a new type of personality to the club. Time and time again we hear players, media personalities and others speak about the way the rookie manager motivates his players. We are constantly told that he will be prepared and he will get the most out of his players. He is very accountable for his actions to this point.

It remains to be seen if all his motivational speeches will translate into wins on the field, but he will surely be fun to watch for San Diego Padres fans. Talk is cheap in the game of baseball, but Green surely knows how to converse and motivate. The players will give a great effort. That you can be assured of. If Andy Green can find the right group of veterans and youngsters, the San Diego Padres could easily turn some heads in the National League this year.

The former player and first time manager is still very young and to expect success right away from him might be asking a little too much. He will learn this year though. Green will get a trial by fire when it comes to managing in the big leagues. I am sure he is prepared as much as one could be, however there are certain situations and scenarios that just can’t be foreseen. It’s those small glimpses into his managerial world, that will dictate whether or not he becomes successful at this top level.

Andy Green has a great track record of success in the minor leagues. He is the only manager to win the Southern League’s Manager of the Year title twice. Green did that in his first two seasons managing before becoming the D-Back’s third base coach last year and getting his feet wet in the major leagues.

For the Diamondbacks last year; Green was in charge of implementing defensive shifts and arranging players into the correct position on the field. He has promised to bring that aggressive defensive style to the Padres, all though during Spring Training games the Padres have not been very aggressive as of yet. In time when the rosters begin to thin I would expect to see some aggressive shifts from the Padres.

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

Matt Kemp and James Shields have both come out recently and spoke about Andy Green. They see what he brings to the table as far as work ethic and preparation. The Padres made a strange choice in selecting Green to manage this team, but he has done nothing but impress. Yes he has virtually no experience and is younger than some of the players on his roster, but he has a swagger about him that is mesmerizing.

When Andy Green speaks, you listen. That is obvious so far. The San Diego Padres are a young franchise desperately seeking an identity. The team has changed uniforms seemingly every year and with that change goes any sense of tradition. With Green you can see he wants to build a tradition here. He wants the city of San Diego to embrace this team and rally with them. If the Padres ever want to succeed they need to forget the past and build a tradition now and into the future.

If Andy Green was selling a bridge, I’d buy it. Simple as that. I’m in. I know and can feel the change that is happening right before our very eyes. This franchise is close to finally figuring it out. The owners and front office have the ability and means to build a competitive team for years on end and it appears we are close to finally seeing the benefits of their hard work. I know it’s a common theme. Believe me. I have rooted for this team my whole life. But the fans have to remain patient. For the first time ever the franchise has a future and seems to be trending upward. Andy Green and A.J. Preller are capable of leading the Padres to the promise land.

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