Padres Editorial: What Andy Green Brings to the Padres

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Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

The San Diego Padres made a surprise selection when they chose to employ Andy Green as the teams brand new manager for 2016 and beyond. Little was known about Green, in fact most Padres fans knew nothing about the man. The expected hire was going to be veteran Ron Gardenhire, but that did not happen.

The press conference which introduced Green to the fans and media was refreshing. He speaks very well and has said all the right things so far. Of course saying the right things doesn’t make him a quality manager. The team does however look poised to make major strides in the right direction, but what do we really know about Green and his abilities? After all wins are not awarded for speaking clearly and having a good attitude.

As the third base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Green was responsible for the defense. His direct responsibility was to scout the opposing team and the hitters tendencies. He spearheaded the implementation of the D’Backs defensive shifting. The result was the D’Backs led all of major league baseball in defensive runs saved.

Now what does that mean for the Padres? Of course the D’Backs had very capable defenders in A.J. Pollock, Paul Goldschmidt, Ender Inciarte and Nick Ahmed last season. The Padres lack players with the defensive prescence of last years D’Back team, but they can and will improve defensively.

Green has already indicated he has multiple techniques that he plans to utilize in training the Padres in the spring. He spoke of advanced drills with a emphasis on pressure situations and making fast reactionary moves. His philosophies on defense are revolutionary and the team will definitely see an improvement in their defense as a collective unit.

The defense on the team will improve and you have to think the future moves the team makes will be for players that can be plus defenders. Moving Jedd Gyorko for Jon Jay gives the Padres a plus defender in the outfield. The team will likely make more deals with defense in their thoughts.

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

The defense will not be the only change you see in the Padres. Green has also indicated he plains to be more aggressive on the base paths as well. He speaks of putting pressure on the opposing team and creating mistakes by exposing the other teams deficiencies. In order for this to happen the Padres need to have flexibility. They need a full roster of players that can contribute in different ways.

In creating a roster full of different characters, you will likely create some chemistry within the whole unit. Players respond better if they know their role and are not left exposed to uncertainty. By knowing where in the lineup you hit and what position you play, you are more comfortable on the field. Being comfortable in a game full of failure is necessary for excellence.

Expect this Padres team to be different from what you have seen before. I expect a lot of passion and scrappy-ness from this team. It might take a while for the franchise to find the correct fit for the Padres style. However having an identity is something this team has needed for a long time. They appear to have that now, and fans are excited for the future of this franchise.

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