Padres contemplating moving Tatis to CF?

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In recent discussions with the Indians, the Padres kicked around the idea of trading for Francisco Lindor. If it happened, the acquisition would likely push Fernando Tatis Jr. to centerfield. Wait. What?

You have to commend A.J. Preller for exploring all options when it comes to improving the San Diego Padres.

The young general manager is on a mission to improve the Padres and will leave no stone unturned.

Recent rumors have the Padres exploring the idea of trading for Indians’ shortstop Francisco Lindor. The Tribe is trying to move their best asset, looking for a massive haul as they restructure their ballclub for the future. The Padres have 20-year-old Fernando Tatis Jr. playing shortstop and doing so very well. He is regarded as one of the best young players in the game, so dealing for Lindor seems like a bizarre move for the Friars.

This rumor started this past weekend through the internet and was confirmed by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Rosenthal does admit that the trade is unlikely to happen and that the Padres were merely discussing it internally as they look to improve.

The Padres were reportedly after Corey Kluber and Lindor’s name came up in their discussions with Cleveland. Again, this potential trade is just being discussed and does not seem imminent. It is an interesting concept, though.

In the article, it states the Padres discussed moving Tatis to centerfield to make room for Lindor who is regarded as a top defensive shortstop.

This is slightly concerning.

Most Padres’ fans would be all for acquiring Lindor and his million-dollar smile, but does he fit the roster? His switch-hitting bat would fit great in the lineup, but the Padres’ blatant issues have to do with pitching, not hitting. The team has five starters presently penciled in (Chris Paddack, Dinelson Lamet, Garrett Richards, Kyle Davies, and Joey Lucchesi), but the top three have had serious injuries in their past, and each will be monitored closely. Davies and Lucchesi will be allowed to pitch freely, but neither is considered a top of the rotation threat. The Padres clearly need an “ace,” and that is obvious.

Lindor would help the ballclub offensively, but moving Tatis to centerfield seems like a strange idea.

There is no doubt he has the athleticism to make the switch. The young right-handed hitter would surely accept the challenge as he is regarded as a “team player.” But, would this be beneficial for the club as far as wins and losses are concerned? Tommy Pham, Trent Grisham, Manuel Margot, and Wil Myers are all on the roster presently. If Tatis moved to the outfield, the area would be crowded. Sure more trades would probably happen, but at what point does the trading end?

The bottom line is this seems like nothing more than a rumor at this point. It is just an idea the club is kicking around in their heads. Lindor is too expensive and doesn’t fit a need for the San Diego Padres at this point. Adding him would be fun, but the fanbase and franchise would get more satisfaction from a playoff appearance than the idea of adding Francisco Lindor to the roster. For the Padres, playoffs should be their only goal. Not hoarding talent.

8 thoughts on “Padres contemplating moving Tatis to CF?

  1. Why is Preller still the GM? The Padres can still do the right thing and fire him. What do OUR owners see in him? He is a lose cannon who has lost all his bearing and smarts. NO WONDER FEW TEAMS WANT TO TRADE WITH HIM. All he (Preller) does is throw crap – a lot of it – against the wall and hope it sticks. Like Kevin Acee says, considering all the moves and trades Preller has made – especially getting rid of everyone he inherited, Preller has accomplished NOTHING. Whenever he speaks, I ignore it.

  2. In what way is adding the best shortstop in baseball ” hoarding talent”. If anything, its cashing in on the talent we already have hoarded. I definetly dont want them to clear out the farm for him especially because he isnt a perfect fit with tatis at short, but if the opportunity was there how is that bad? If anything maybe tatis moving to second or cf would be better because it less demanding on your body playing defense.

  3. Actually, I’m hoping/expecting Gabriel Arias to be the SS in the next couple of years. No way Tatis ages well, especially with his injuries.

    1. agree! I fear Tatis will be spending too much time on the IL. Sliding head first into home? Arias has always intrigued me. Almazar could still be a factor…

    2. Definitely agree Tatis will have trouble staying healthy. “Stress reaction in the back” tells me his bone structure can’t handle the strain his musculature and style of play put on it.

  4. This type of a story is dangerous. This all stems from an Athletic article from Rosenthal/ Lin. Rosenthal’s job is to speculate player movement and how to justify square pegs in round holes. If this is even being considered, the worst kind of AJ is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Peter Seidler cannot be happy with this form of AJ. Nor am I. If true.

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