Padres avoid arbitration with eight men

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look at the San Diego Padres’ arbitration-eligible players that signed on Friday.

In a big day for the San Diego Padres, eight players signed one-year arbitration deals for the 2020 season.  

Under the current MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement, players with more than three years and less than six years of service can negotiate a contract for the upcoming season.

If the player and club cannot agree, each side submits their offers, and a panel of arbitrators determines which offer the player gets. The Padres have not had a contract go to arbitration since 2014 and very rarely have had to do so. 

The contracts are listed below.

Tommy Pham $7.9 million

Kirby Yates $7.0625 million

Zach Davies $5.25 million

Austin Hedges $3 million

Manuel Margot $2.475 million

Matt Strahm $1.4 million

Dinelson Lamet $1.3 million

Luis Perdomo $950,000

Of the players listed, only Kirby Yates is a free agent next season. 

From here, general manager A.J. Preller still has work to do in constructing his roster.

Spring Training invites need to be finalized. The 26 and 40-man rosters for opening day are still a work in progress as well.

The Padres can still make additional trades or free-agent signings as well. With the signing of these eight men, Preller and the Padres are one step closer to the start of the 2020 season.

3 thoughts on “Padres avoid arbitration with eight men

  1. I’d been wondering about Davies, since he wasn’t mentioned anywhere except in a rumor that he had signed for $5.2M. The total dollars is hard to compare to projected, since Tommy Pham replaced Hunter Renfroe, Profar was added, and others like Erlin and Edwards chose free agency. I’m going to assume it was a wash, since the difference is likely small, compared to a $150M-plus payroll.

    I didn’t think the Padres would go that high on payroll – they may have expected moving Myers’ contract for a $10M savings to $140M – but it’s a big jump, maybe to give AJ Preller the means to avoid having his head roll. I wonder how much he has left for moves during the season though. He may have to make any and all moves internally in case of injury, and maybe even pass on the trade deadline.

    1. What does that mean? Wil Myers is penciled in as our All-Star right fielder, a key cog in the Padres juggernaut. Pluto is a dog!

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