Padres 2017 International Signings

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Angel Solarte Credit- YouTu.206 in 68 at batsbe

The 2016 international spending period was something historic for the San Diego Padres.

The team spent $40.8 million dollars in total, on 47 players and further advanced this young farm system. The influence of all these young players is already paying dividends, as players like Adrian Morejon, Jorge Ona, Luis Almanzar and Jeisson Rosario are already advancing in their growth.

This season the team is not able to be as extravagant with their spending, but that is to say they may not find some quality players. The Padres are restricted to not spending over $300,000 on any single player, and with that must be frugal with their selections. Not only must they be thrifty, but the teams’ scouting department must be diligent in their evaluations of all the proposed talent within their price range.

Names of the 30 men signed by the team so far  have surfaced, but little is known about each and every one of them.

Some scouting reports and videos have surfaced of a few of them, and here is a breakdown right now on who the team has signed so far.

Luis Paez is an outstanding hitter, with ability to square up baseball to all fields.  At 5’11, 160 he still has room to grow and develop what is currently a line drive, gap power into true plus power. He has above average speed presently. Defensively, he has a strong arm and could stick at shortstop long-term. The right handed hitter and thrower could also could emerge as a center field candidate depending on his cultivation.

Jarryd Dale is the son of Phil Dale, who pitched in the Reds’ organization. At 16, the younger Dale has a decent chance to contribute eventually for the team. The right handed hitter is 6′ 2″ and 180 lbs presently, and hit .206 in 68 at bats for the Melbourne Aces of the Australian Baseball League. He played some second base, but mostly manned shortstop and did so as a 15-year-old in the highest level of Australian baseball. In this report from ESPN, he has clearly shown his advanced skill. The Padres did well in adding him to their already top-notch system.

Manuel Partida is a left-handed pitcher from Monterrey Mexico with an easy motion and a fastball that reaches 90 MPH. Edgar Martinez is a Cuban pitcher who posted a 20-2 K-BB ratio with a 0.60 ERA in 15 innings for Cuba at the 15U World Cup in Japan in 2015.

Here is a video of Frank Lopez who was signed out of Venezuela for $300,000. He is tall and lanky and looks as though he has a decent off speed pitch.

Here is a complete list of the signings so far. Ages and scouting reports on all players have yet to really surface, but we will be here to keep you posted once they do.

Credit: JDB Baseball



Manuel Partida (LHP) Mexico $350,000 ($87, 500 goes to his Mexican Team)

Frank Lopez (RHP) Venezuela $300,000

Yeison Santana (SS) Dominican Republic

Nick Rios (LHP ) Venezuela $140,000

Jason Sanatana (SS) Dominican Republic $300,000

Luis Paez 16 years old (SS) Dominican Republic Bats

Christian Heredia (OF) Dominican Republic $300,000

Emanuel Guerra (SS)

Angel Solarte 16 years old (OF) Venezuela $300,000

Matias Polanco (C) Venezuela

Edgar Martinez (RHP) Cuba $300,000

Jarryd Dale 16 years old (SS) Australia $300,000

Yerri Landines (SS) Venezuela

Laurbert Arias (RHP) Venezuela

Jesus Cisneros (RHP) Venezuela

Mauricio Rodriguez (RHP) Venezuela

Carlos Guarate (RHP) Venezuela

Jesus Gonzalez (LHP) Venezuela

Brandon Valenzuela (C) Mexico

Omar Cruz (LHP) Mexico

Julio de la Cruz (SS/OF) Dominican Republic

Laurbert Arias (RHP) Venezuela

Junior Perez (OF) Dominican Republic

Alan Mundo (RHP) Mexico

Alfredo Casteneda (RHP) Mexico

Sergio Carrizosa (RHP) Mexico

Miguel Rondon (RHP) Venezuela

Anderson Arias (C/SS) Dominican Republic

Adrian Leo (RHP) Mexico

Vlad Echeveria (SS/OF) Dominican Republic

6 thoughts on “Padres 2017 International Signings

  1. No guarantees, but 77 international signings in almost 2 season, somewhere in there has to be a home grown all-star, somewhere. #Padres2020… Moses guiding the Israelites.

    Not to gripe about the past, again, but where has this type of international player signing been for the last 40 years????

    or have we just not heard about this or the Padres failed to publicize it for fear of higher expectations???

    or 40 years of previous international signing have just sucked.

    1. Sadly they have never delved into this market as much as they have in the past 12-18 months. There was a time in the 80’s when they cultivated a lot of talent from Puerto Rico (Alomar’s, Baerga, ext.) but never this amount. It is certainly exciting to see. Thank you for the comments

  2. Great update. What is up from last year’s signee Wen-Hua Sung? He’s not listed on any of the Padres’ minor league teams.

  3. Excellent coverage as usual. I still don’t get Padre fans who want to dump Cahill, Richard,and Chacin from the staff, when they acknowledge they would only bring back a Low A prospect.
    Look at the systems rosters of Tin Caps on down. We are loaded with prospects. And we just signed 21 more. Why do we want somebody else’s prospects ‘blocking’ our own development.

    We control Hand for 2 more years, he is an All-star. Trade him. Unless we get a major league ready SP, why would we trade him? Except for Weaver, I would keep the staff we have now.

    Yes, we probably lose Chacin, Cahill, and Richard after the season. Maybe not. We have a very young team, the above players provide much value in leadership and how to be a pro. That goes double for Solarte. Why people want to trade him is beyond me. Depleting our rosters of these vets creates a losing culture to the younger players. I actually like this team. Yes, there is an occasional blowout, but this team is fun to watch. I was going to say this team ‘battles’ but the Cubs series blows that theory.

  4. Baseball America has a Team by Team International signing tracker so far they have ID’d 19 have signed with the Padres.

    Manuel Partida, lhp, Mexico, $350,000.
    Frank Lopez, rhp, Venezuela
    Yeison Santana, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
    Luis Paez, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
    Cristian Heredia, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
    Angel Solarte, of, Venezuela
    Emmanuelle Guerra, ss, Venezuela
    Matias Polanco, c, Venezuela
    Edgar Martinez, rhp, Cuba, $300,000.
    Jared Dale, ss, Australia, $300,000.
    Yerri Landines, ss, Venezuela
    Laurbert Arias, rhp, Venezuela
    Jesus Cisneros, rhp, Venezuela
    Mauricio Rodriguez, rhp, Venezuela
    Carlos Guarate, rhp, Venezuela
    Jesus Gonzalez, lhp, Venezuela
    Brandon Valenzuela, c, Mexico
    Omar Cruz, lhp, Mexico
    Julio de la Cruz, ss/of, Dominican Republic

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