Padre Fans Supporting the Dodgers in World Series is Blasphemy

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Credit: AP Photo

ATTENTION: If you’ve ever identified as any sort of San Diego sports fan and are considering rooting for the Dodgers in this year’s World Series, then congrats, you’re the worst type of person. With that said, everyone has the right to do whatever they want and support whatever team they feel like supporting. Just know you’re committing one of the most sacrilegious sins one could commit and you absolutely have a seat waiting for you on Satan’s lap right next to Judas Iscariot.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the World Series. They’ve had a stranglehold on the National League West for nearly a decade and don’t appear to be giving up their title of champion any time soon. The Padres have a goal to begin competing in a couple years. However, some fans are growing impatient.

Los Angeles is the closest thing San Diego has to a rival city. From heated Padre and Dodger games to their city seemingly stealing our beloved, crappy teams, most San Diegans have no love lost for L.A. This is interesting considering that most L.A. sports fans have little issue or even interest with San Diego and their teams. While we may see L.A. as a bitter rival that continuously makes our blood boil, it seems that they see us as nothing more than a fly on their shoulder that they can easily brush aside at any time.

THIS is where the anger from San Diegans comes from. The feeling of being dismissed so frequently and easily is a big reason for the loathing towards a city in such close proximity. Many in the national media, especially the east coast, assume Los Angeles and San Diego are basically the same city. Separated by a few fences and freeways maybe. This is a borderline insult to us as we’ve become a community that takes pride in our own identity and heritage. An identity and heritage that’s been disrespected and forsaken by the NBA and, very recently, the NFL.

It is so crucial for the future of San Diego sports that we continue to support our local teams and avoid gravitating to franchises up north. Letting ourselves be consumed by the machine that is Los Angeles will further blur the importance of having our own teams and the need for them to stay where they are.

Think of the Padres as your local Mom and Pop sporting goods store. They’re right down the street and have enough of a selection to keep you interested in them for the future. The owners are a little strange and people may look at you strangely for buying products from them, but you don’t care what other people think. It may not be the best quality or have the best selection, but you’re a decent person and want to support your neighborhood and community, right? A team like the Dodgers is the Wal-Mart that’s an extra 45 minutes away. They have everything you need, and more. You can totally make the drive there while simultaneously losing all sense of identity as you become a sheep that simply follows the hippest trends. You’ll have all the stuff you need, but you’ll also be contributing to the small business closing their doors for good. We don’t want that, right?

Some claim that because the Dodgers are in California, like the Padres, they would be the most logical choice to root for going forward in 2017. With that type of thought process, teams that are farther away from California become more disliked, strictly because of distance. Assuming this is true, the Red Sox would be our arch-rivals, not the Dodgers. See how silly you sound? If defeating the “East Coast Bias” is your thing, either remain patient or find a better cause to fight for.

Another goofy reason some “Padre fans” have for rooting for the Dodgers is that they’re being managed by the greatest Padre of all time. Well, if all you listen to is the local media, he is. Apparently, if you have two decent seasons as a player in this town, you become a legend that is exempt from all criticism. Dave Roberts was a very solid player that was responsible for one of the most important moments in postseason history… for the Red Sox. According to the media, he’s one of the nicest, most humble men in all of baseball. This seemed like a fair claim, until Roberts attempted to fight our manager like a deranged child who couldn’t control himself after his pitcher made childlike, violent threats towards one of our players. The Dodgers seem very comfortable pushing us around, and some fans seem more content jumping ship than standing up for their guys.

I’m not sure how some fans can forget events like that. Maybe they weren’t watching that day or had already checked out at that point, but when teams make violent threats towards our guys, it doesn’t make me want to switch sides and start rooting for the other team. If anything, it ignites a competitive fire that gets hotter watching all the success the Dodgers continue to have. I know I’m not the only one. Say “NO” to the Dodgers, Padre fans.

7 thoughts on “Padre Fans Supporting the Dodgers in World Series is Blasphemy

  1. Padres should just leave San diego, the whole city is a major tourist town worth many rather don’t other stiff that makes them halt, look at Portland Oregon, they are on a list of a expansion or a relocationteam and given SD being a tldr city, the padres are a prime candidate to leave for a city whose natural rival will only be 170 miles away rather than 1100 miles away. Plus many Portlandians want another team to compliment the blazers. There is an ownership group to buy the address from fowler that cheapskate. SD will be a minor league and collegiate town within a decade or so cause many don’t care about sports, just deciding what the next movie is.

    RIP padres 1969-2024
    Portland padres 2025-future

  2. I will never ever root for the Dodgers or anything else LA. The Dodgers still SUCK. Go Houston Strong.
    P.S. The Padres are on their way back and more fun to watch.

  3. I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana and fell in heated love with the Padres when they joined MLB in 1969. I was 12 at the time and would never ever loose by dedication to a sometimes bewildering team. THEY ARE THE PADRES – MY TEAM. #justsayno2Dodgers

  4. There is absolutely NOTHING I’d like more right now, than watching the Dodgers lose the Series…

    I’m simply tired of watching my team here in SD, take a backseat to a team who can spend endless amounts of money, while they acquire guys who would be “scrubs” on any other team, where they had no protection in the lineup.

    The Astros remind me of where the Padres are headed. And I love how they rebuilt their franchise.

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