Oakland Athletics & San Diego Padres Are an Excellent Match for a Trade

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Credit: AP Photo

The San Diego Padres have acquired Tyson Ross, Derek Norris, and Drew Pomeranz from the Oakland Athletics in the last five years.

Is it time for another Athletics/Padres deal?

Is no secret that A.J. Preller is aggressive when it comes to making trades. He is not shy. If a deal will improve his club, then he will surely pull the trigger. For the Padres, at the moment, it is all about maximizing profits and building for the future. There is no sense in trying to chase the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, who have each positioned themselves to win now.

The Padres do not have the current players, nor the budget, to contend with them at the moment, so trying to do so would only set the franchise back once again. Instead, the team has wisely chosen to invest heavily in their future, with a window of success to open shortly. In a perfect world, the Padres will begin to grow and get better, as both the Giants and Dodgers age beyond relevance. Both veteran rivals will have trouble competing in the long run, as they continue to pedal prospects to fix their inadequacies in an attempt to win a championship presently. That is just baseball reality.

The 2017 San Diego Padres will not be a pretty sight. They will make mistakes, and they will play ugly baseball from time to time. That is a guarantee. However, this team is young, at least offensively, and with that there will always be a sense of optimism. Hunter Renfroe and Wil Myers have the ability to be MVP-type run producers. Manuel Margot and Travis Jankowski can each easily swipe 30 bases this year. And Austin Hedges will showcase defensive skills that will only help a patchwork starting staff.

There are some issues within the team that currently need to be resolved, and the biggest one is the shortstop position. Luis Sardinas and Erick Aybar are set to open up the season at the position, with Rule-5 pick, Allen Cordoba, also holding on to a potential roster spot. Cordoba can play third base and even the outfield if needed, so it might be possible to retain the young hitter. Sardinas has the best chance to hold the position down until further notice, but you have to wonder how much ability he has being that three teams (Texas, Milwaukee, and Seattle) all gave up on him in the past two seasons.

In recent weeks it has been reported that the Padres have indeed kicked the tires on a few shortstops here and there. Most notably are reported talks with the Detroit Tigers, but they seem to have stalled as the Tigers are not in the position to move a player like Jose Iglesisas. At least, not at this point.

The A’s do make sense for a potential Padres trade. It will be tough to get a deal done this close to the season starting, but the Padres do have assets that they can easily turn into more prospects or possible contributors for the 2017 season. Take a look for yourself at a possible A’s/Padres trade.


2 thoughts on “Oakland Athletics & San Diego Padres Are an Excellent Match for a Trade

  1. Nice try, but you don’t know the A’s future plans very well. Matt Chapman is the A’s third baseman of the future. Anticipated call-up, later this season. Marcus Semien is the A’s shortstop and Franklin Barreto will switch to second base. Ryon Healy will play first and DH. These are keystone players in their rebuild thinking. A team would have to overwhelm the A’s to touch any of these players.

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