Now that brown is back, Padres need to bring back the wins

Credit: Padres

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Credit: Padres

Bringing back the color brown is a great thing, but the San Diego Padres need to bring back the wins.

For years, fans of the San Diego Padres demanded the brown color return back to the uniform of the franchise.

The organization denied the request to embrace their past at first, but slowly phased-in the color as there was no ignoring the fan base. The San Diego Padres are officially a team with the color brown in their uniform. The 2020 season will be the team’s first with the new color scheme. They have their original identity back, thanks to the fans who fought so hard.

Bringing back the brown is done. Now, perhaps it is time to bring back the W’s. Well, maybe not bring back, as victories have been hard to come by in the first place for this franchise, but you know what I mean.

The San Diego Padres have not made the playoffs since the 2006 season. The franchise has only enjoyed five playoff appearances in the 50-year existence of the team. We know that. October baseball has only been a memory for the fan base and it is time to change that. The same efforts channeled for the greater good in terms of uniform color, now must be focused on the franchise and the fact they need to improve.

Accountability is massive for the Padres to move forward. From the front office to the minor leagues- players, coaches, everyone must have a higher standard of excellence. Once you wear that Padres’ color, you must do it with pride. That feeling of a “Padres Way” must be cultivated. Being the only major sports franchise in the city of San Diego, the only limitation lies within the Padres’ organization itself. They are set up to succeed significantly in the coming years. The fans must demand better if the franchise does not reach their goals.

Things around America’s Finest City have gotten better in recent years for the fans of the team. Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado came in consecutive years to a franchise that most said could never pay or be able to sign high-priced talent. There are even whispers that the team will flirt with Stephen Strasburg or Gerrit Cole this winter. Investing like this, and a commitment to winning is what the fans need to expect every single season.

Throwing money at players seldom dictates success, though. It goes way beyond that. A plan must be in order, and the franchise must stick to that scheme. Luck is also a factor. But the San Diego Padres are certainly due for that. For a franchise that has been mostly snake-bitten, these are exciting times for the city. The Padres are officially brown, and the wins shall hopefully follow.

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For now, enjoy the new color and what you have helped create.

But if this franchise fails to continue to head in the correct direction, it will be time to reunite again — a time to demand better. San Diego Padres fans deserve that.

5 thoughts on “Now that brown is back, Padres need to bring back the wins

  1. I’d like to see them acquire Grandal and Nick Markakis. Two players who get on base at an above avg clip…and they bring hard nose – swag. Pitching wise, I wasn’t always on board with trading for “Thor”…but I don’t see them laying out the bucks for Strasburg or Cole. Furthermore, they actually need two veteran starters, not just one.

    So, the more I think about it, I wouldn’t be against them acquiring Bauer/Thor. With all the lefties we have, we need a couple of rightie power pitchers.

  2. First order of business now that the uniforms have been finalized, is to trade for Starling Marte. Cordero in left, Marte in center and Renfroe in right with Margot being the fourth outfielder for depth. Machado at third, Tatis at short, Urias at second and Hosmer at first platooning with Myers. Mejia at catcher with Garcia and France being utility infielders. Allen or Torrens backing Mejia up at catcher.

  3. Is there a numbers person out there who can collect the data on the Padres record in the brown vs the blue uniforms? There seems to be considerable support for the brown based on our “glorious” history, but I don’t remember us doing all that well back then. Have we been better, though, while wearing the blue? Anyone? Anyone?

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