Not Trading Might be the Best Move for Padres at Deadline

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Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

With a young team, the San Diego Padres should not make any major trades in the coming weeks.

San Diego Padres fans are eager for a winning team.

For 50 seasons the Padres have been mostly an afterthought in the major league baseball community. Sure the team achieved two World Series appearances, but the joy from each year’s success was shortlived as the Friars fell back into mediocrity rather quickly.

In 2019, there is an energetic, youthful bunch in San Diego. A group led by superstars Manny Machado and Eric Hosmer. There is hope.

The general feeling, when the Padres were playing well earlier this season, was that the team just needed a top-of-the-order presence to stabilize the young staff. Names such as Noah Syndergaard, Trevor Bauer, and Marcus Stroman have been mentioned as possibilities, but nothing seems imminent. The hope has faded in time as the Padres fell on their face after the all-star break. There is still talk of acquiring a pitcher, but is that the route the Padres should turn to achieve success?

With arguably the best farm system in all of baseball, the Padres have plenty of depth at the major league level and in the minors. Most pundits speculate that the Padres will make a move in the next seven days. But should they?

At this point, the team will not be a playoff contender in 2019. There is a bright future for this team, but management must be careful not to get too far ahead of themselves. The team should still be in evaluation mode. Thirteen men have made their major league debut with the Padres so far in 2019. There will be more. Andy Green and his staff must get familiar with each of these young players and determine if they have what it takes to play at the highest level.

Not all these young prospects will pan out. Some will ultimately fizzle out and not perform to their abilities. That is just the reality. Risking devaluing some of these guys is a factor, but the team must be sure to give each young player ample time to show what they have.

Come July 31; the Padres will inevitably be rumored in several deals. A.J. Preller is just that type of G.M. He leaves no doors unopened and is more than willing to think outside the box. The team could be tempted to make several trades but, it, in the end, holding tight might be the best for the future of the Padres.

2 thoughts on “Not Trading Might be the Best Move for Padres at Deadline

  1. The team sucks, but we shouldn’t make any trades ?
    1) stop calling Hosmer a superstar. He is a below average 1Bman with a horrible contract. Your superstar is on pace for less than 1 WAR. Please stop.
    2) no one thought all the club needed was a TOR pitcher. There are so many holes on the roster.
    3) your point that so many prospects fizzle is actually an argument to trade some for a proven producer at some point. All championship teams made important trades. All of them. None stick to an all prospect strategy. We have to stop this worshiping of prospects.
    4) the club needs to make some deals for 40 man roster reasons, and of course should jump at any opportunity to unload even a part of the Myers contract. Fangraphs had an interesting idea of packaging Myers with Yates as a way to get back some value and shed the bulk of his salary ,

    So maybe the club won’t swing a major deal, but it shouldn’t be for lack of trying.

  2. YES, finally an article I can get behind. As of now there are only mistakes out there, with high risk low reward options desperate teams looking for a bail out.

    We are not a Desperate Team no longer. We have controllable players that will gain value as they get playing time. We have more talent on the way. Some of these could push future moves of players now in San Diego.

    Then we will call the shots, we will be dictating these deals. That is our future. We should never settle for what we can get again.

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