Nick Vogt looking to simplify things in Lake Elsinore with Storm

Credit: Jerry Espinoza

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Credit: Lake Elsinore Storm

Young outfield prospect Nick Vogt has an excellent feel for the game and is looking to make his mark within the San Diego Padres crowded system. 

At the age of 23, Nick Vogt is admitandtly soaking it all in this time around in Lake Elsinore with the Storm.

For the 2023 season, Vogt played 79 games for the San Diego Padres’ Single-A affiliate. His time in Lake Elsinore was productive, as the former UC Santa Barbara product put up a .744 OPS, seven homers, and 16 RBIs while helping guide the Storm to a 63-66 record.

It is Vogt’s second season with Lake Elsinore, so he is a veteran in some sense. There are a lot of young players on the roster, and the 23-year-old will be counted on to guide and mentor some of the younger teenage prospects. He will also be in line for more playing time. In speaking to Vogt, he is up for the job.

“Everyone came in pretty much healthy, for the most part. This is the team we saw coming. We play pretty well together,” Vogt said at the Lake Elsinore Storm Media Day event this week.

Nick Vogt spoke about how he is in a better place this season with the Storm. His mental edge is sharpening as the outfielder learns what it takes to be a professional baseball player and advance through the system. Instead of just taking up space and playing, Vogt seems determined to improve and give this opportunity his best effort.

“I am just grateful to be out here. Last year, it pretty much went down to how you execute. You hit, and you are going to play. I am just trying to experience it all and have fun. I took that for granted last year, and it really affected how I pressed the game instead of just enjoying it. If we can all do that, it’s going to be a good year,” Vogt said with a smirk. This is a pretty intelligent assumption to make for a young player.

Vogt is a right-handed hitter with some power potential despite the fact he is not blessed with the largest frame on the planet. The outfielder is working on his approach and swing dynamics in an effort to understand himself. “It is kind of a journey that I am still figuring out. I probably went through five or six different approaches last year working with our old hitting coach, Jed Morris. I still call him and text him every so often. A lot of it, you kind of cycle through depending on the pitcher and how I am feeling that day,” Vogt explained.

In discussing his time in the batter’s box, Vogt talked about some keys to his swing. “Sometimes, it is if I do this mechanically, I will be ready (motion with hands). Or if I am looking for this pitch, i’ll be ready. There are a lot of keys I can go through internally. I am still trying to find the few that will take me far (in the game). His swing is a work in progress, and the hope is that 2024 will be his emergence with the bat.

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It is excellent to have goals, and Vogt discussed a few with the media. “I want to win a lot of games. It is really fun to win. I want to learn Spanish and how to play the guitar,” the outfielder said with a smile. “On the baseball side, I really want to get better and hone my approach to the game. The more on the mental side that I figure this game out, everything else is easier. How simple and easy can I make the game,” Vogt said. Another intelligent thing to say from this burgeoning young player.

Vogt will have opportunities with the Storm, but it will be up to him to take advantage and progress. In Peoria this spring, Vogt enjoyed the opportunity to grow in the game and gain information. “Spring training is a great opportunity because everybody is there. So I got to talk to big league guys and older Triple-A guys. They definitely helped. Coaches, too,” Vogt said. The young outfielder needs to get better and he fully understands that will only be achievable with the help of others.

His mental edge has improved, and Vogt spoke about competing with his teammates. “It is more about having fun with the competition. We talk a lot about competing with yourself more than others because if you are trying to beat that guy and you do beat him—it’s like, now what? I am trying to compete with myself and be as good as I can. This will take you as far as you want in any field, not just baseball,” More words of wisdom from this young player who may have found his mojo.

The 2024 season will honestly be a make-or-break year for this young outfielder. The talent is there and the mindset is as well. With a little luck and more hard work, Nick Vogt could be a top-30 prospect in time for the Padres.

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