MLS San Diego to be officially announced this week at Snapdragon Stadium

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West side of Snapdragon Stadium. Credit: Rashad Griffin/EVT

Major League Soccer to San Diego has seemingly been on the horizon for well over a decade and now it will soon be a reality. The 2 Balls and a Mic podcast reported on Tuesday, May 16, that the official MLS to San Diego announcement will be made this Saturday, May 20, via a public event open to fans at Snapdragon Stadium.

There had been previous reports by several reporters in the past few months that the MLS San Diego project was going to be a reality by mid-May. There have been many advocates for MLS in San Diego over the years including San Diego Loyal’s Landon Donovan.

At the time of writing, it seems that the Loyal will not be part of the MLS’ team brand and that it will be a completely separate project. Reports indicate that Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour is at the forefront of the project. He reportedly will pay the 500-million-dollar franchise fee for the team to be a reality.

The San Diego franchise will be the 30th team in Major League Soccer, but there is plenty of controversy surrounding the project. Many San Diego Loyal faithful are deeply bothered that the Loyal will not be included in this project after the team has built a cult following in its four years of existence. There has even been talk of a possible boycott of the MLS team by some hardcore Loyal fans.

The new Southern California team is set to start play in 2025 and will play its initial seasons at Snapdragon Stadium. The San Diego Wave generated plenty of the MLS interest in the city with their incredible attendance numbers and support in the NWSL. The two teams will now share a venue, as the Snapdragon Stadium property owners work out the scheduling for 2025.

The MLS team can only bring positive things to the city, as it will bring in an influx of money and generate several more paying jobs. The team also has the potential to generate interest in soccer like no other franchise has created in the San Diego area.

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