Midway Village announces plan for sports arena site

Credit: Midway Village

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Credit: Midway Village

The San Diego Loyal are involved in talks for a permanent soccer stadium with over 15,000 seats.

The city of San Diego is in line for a bright future. The Midway Village announced a plan for a 49-acre sports arena site that includes five major elements to it.

“We believe we have the best plan and the best team, but this is a competitive process so we’re going to need your support to bring this plan to life,” project executive David Malmuth told the crowd at Stone Brewing. “This is a plan designed specifically for San Diego but this process is just beginning, and our plan will evolve and become stronger as we hear from you and other members of the community.”

Here are the five main elements of the plan:

  1. Affordable Homes for low-income and middle-income families.

  2. New Sports Arena built and financed by Oak View Group.

  3. New 12-Acre Central Park will serve the entire Midway District.

  4. New temporary home for the San Diego Loyal soccer club will activate the site and connect more kids and adults to soccer.

  5. A new permanent Soccer Stadium for the Loyal.

The Arena will be promoted by Live Nation and privately funded by Oak View Group (the largest private arena developer in the world.) Oak View is opening five other arenas across the world. New York (Savannah, Georgia), (Austin, Texas), Palm Desert, California, and (Manchester, United Kingdom) will get new arenas by the end of 2023.

This new arena for the Loyal and the rest of SD will attract a ton of entertainment. From pro sports teams to Esports events to hosting various entertainment events, this arena will do it all.

A major factor that isn’t getting overlooked but needs to be mentioned is the affordable housing for low-medium income families.

“We know the need for affordable homes and middle-income homes is tremendous throughout our region, which is why our plan puts such an emphasis on housing San Diegans can afford,” said Aruna Doddapaneni, Senior Vice President of Development for BRIDGE Housing. “BRIDGE is looking forward to creating a diverse and inclusive community with a variety of housing choices.”

San Diego is all about diversity, and this is a great way to create a more diverse and equitable community.

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