Mets Shopping Ace Pitchers, Should the Padres Explore a Trade?

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Credit: Sporting News

The New York Mets are reportedly listening to offers on both Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom. Should the San Diego Padres explore the possibility of adding one of these ace right-handed pitchers?

The San Diego Padres have an excellent nucleus of prospects within the system currently.

2018 has shown us that the Padres can very well be contenders in the near future, as the team has played a better quality of baseball in general. Presently they are in a tailspin, but that is to be expected from a young team that is growing. The youth of the team has shown some progression and there could be an upgrade in the culture of the organization.

A.J. Preller has done well to change gears in recent months in an attempt to create a more tranquil environment in the locker room. The team has valued character-type players recently by adding Matt Szczur, Eric Hosmer, Freddy Galvis, and A.J. Ellis to install chemistry in the clubhouse. That has helped make the team closer to being contenders.

The Mets are an organization currently in turmoil. The team was expected to be much better, but has gotten little in return from their inflated payroll and many fear that the time is at hand for the Metropolitans to start a rebuild.

General manager Sandy Alderson announced on Wednesday that he has been battling cancer the entire year and will need to step away from the team. This is a real shame for the franchise. With his departure, the team could be inclined to make some drastic changes, but that really remains to be seen.

In recent days, there are reports coming out of New York that the team will indeed listen to offers for Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom. Both are high-upside starting pitchers and could be considered ace pitchers in a day and age where there are very few in the game of baseball. The Padres have several young pitchers coming up soon, but none have the upside of these two polished hurlers.

A.J. Preller will surely check in on this situation.

Trades are inevitable for the Padres, as the team will have 40-man issues this fall. The team will probably attempt to maximize older player’s value and deal them very soon. Brad Hand, Tyson Ross, Kirby Yates, Craig Stammen, and even Freddy Galvis could be moved in the near future. The price tag for either of these Mets’ pitchers wouldn’t be veteran players though.

The San Diego Padres would have to dip into their overflowing talent pool in the minors to get a deal done. The team would need to move quality prospects to get a deal done and it would take multiple players for the Mets to even begin to sit down and talk. The Padres would have to dangle names like Adrian Morejon, Cal Quantrill, Chris Paddack, and Michel Baez. They would also probably need to deal either Joey Lucchesi or Eric Lauer as the Mets would probably seek a starter they could plug in their rotation now.

This would be a decent starting point, but the Padres would have to give up more. Much more.

Jacob deGrom is 30, but rounding into form as a pitcher. He owns a career record of 50-35 with a 2.81 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP in 123 games started and over 780 innings pitched. He is currently 5-3 with a 1.69 ERA in 16 starts for the Mets. He has struck out 126 batters in 101 innings pitched. Of the two pitchers, his value is probably lower because of age. However, deGrom has proven to be the more durable of the two.

Syndergaard has battled injuries the last two seasons, but the 25-year-old is still very young. He is currently shelved with a strained finger ligament, but is 4-1 this year with a 3.06 ERA in 64 innings pitched. He has a power fastball and is not due for free agency until the 2022 season is complete. That also boosts his value tremendously.

The San Diego Padres would have to give up a minimum of two or three quality prospects, plus a major league-ready player or two to get a deal done. The price tag is crazy-high, but these two hurlers are well worth the asking price. A.J. Preller might be tempted to get far into discussions with the Mets, but in the end, pulling the trigger might be tough for the G.M. The Padres surely have the legitimate prospects to excite the New York Mets, but are they willing to move them for either of these ace pitchers?

9 thoughts on “Mets Shopping Ace Pitchers, Should the Padres Explore a Trade?

  1. Any deal made with our bullpen should be exclusively for hitters with a real shot at being major league contributors two years from now. No hitting prospects below High-A.

  2. I root for SD, but c’mon. At 36-47, there is no way this team is going to be good soon. They cannot hit. Unless we can magically predict the future development of players, it is just wishful thinking to suggest otherwise.
    To use just one statistical barometer as a guide, the highest OPS belongs to the backup catcher at .829. There isn’t one other player above .800. The team’s OPS is .664. That is horrible.
    So if the club feels compelled to swing a big trade with this tepid roster, make it for a hitter. In the meantime, churn the roster, dump the dead wood and let the kids play.

    1. Agree with this comment. Some Padres fans are too eager. Let the process play out a little longer and see what Urias and others can bring to the table.

  3. This is the kind of trade we make in 2-3 years, when we’re a starting pitcher away from the World Series. It would foolish to do it now, especially with our lackluster lineup.

    Trade Hand, Ross, and Stammen/Yates for some exciting position player prospects.

  4. No they shouldn’t trade for these type of players yet. Hold on to prospects and see what they become. They have to focus on trading relievers and some outfielder this trade line

  5. The only way DeGrom makes sense is if they were ready to make a push. If this opportunity came in 2020, I would say yes. Look where the Astros were when they traded for Verlander or Cole. The Padres aren’t there.

    Paddack could be De Grom,

    DeGrom A+ numbers:
    3 and 0 2.08 ERA. 4 games. 21 inn. 14 H, 5 ER, 1 HR, 6 BB, 18 SO .092 WHIP

    Paddack A+ numbers:
    3 and 1. 1.75 ERA. 9 games 46 inn. 33H, 9 ER, 2 HR, 4 BB, 79 SO. .079 WHIP

    Chris Paddack shouldn’t be traded for anyone… note the SOs.

  6. Lucchesi and Lauer should be untouchable. We have prospects we can deal, maybe one from each level, and a starting pitcher named Brain Mitchell. 4 for 1, great deal for the Mets

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