Manny Machado: “Soccer is something that is special”

Manny Machado MLS San Diego Padres FC

Credit: 2 Balls and a Mic Podcast

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Manny Machado MLS Padres
Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

The biggest surprise of the San Diego MLS team announcement on Thursday, May 18, was the appearance of San Diego Padres’ superstar Manny Machado.

Machado was not only present but it was announced that the 30-year-old is a minority owner of this expansion franchise.

The Dominican star is currently on a massive 11-year $350 million contract with the Padres, and it is nice to see that he decided to invest some of that money into the city where he plays baseball.

Machado talked to the media after saying some words on the stage and had some intriguing things to say about his interest in soccer. The 30-year-old talked about how the San Diego MLS team offers a big opportunity for kids wanting to play with its Right to Dream academy.

Machado said, “A lot of kids, not only in the United States but in the entire world, play a lot of soccer. I think this will not only be huge for the city of San Diego but for the entire world. The kids will have an opportunity to play and accomplish their dreams.” “This is one of the biggest cities where kids play soccer. I believe that the Right to Dream foundation will support a lot of soccer players. We will not only help out the kids playing sports but with their school as well.”

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The Padres’ third baseman also talked about his interest in soccer and even revealed what teams he supports. “I follow a lot of soccer. Not a lot in the United States, but now I will have to watch it more now. I am a Barcelona and Manchester City fan. City won yesterday. Soccer is something special.”, Machado said.

Manny Machado seems to be extremely enthusiastic about this project and seems just as committed as the majority owners of the expansion franchise. The Miami native did express that all of his support will stay with San Diego when the new team plays Inter Miami, who have been in the MLS since 2018. Machado said, “I have to support my San Diego team. I don’t watch a lot of MLS, but I will start to.”

It will be interesting to see Machado’s role with the team going forward, as he also has his duties with the San Diego Padres.

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