Luis Urias Should Be in El Paso

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Young players need consistent playing time, and Luis Urias is no different. The San Diego Padres need to send the young infielder to El Paso so that he can play every day for the Chihuahuas and get his swing in order.

Luis Urias has a very bright future.

He has an excellent feel for the game and plenty of upside for a long-lasting major league career.

However, he is not swinging the bat very well right now. In fact, he looks downright horrendous at the plate.

Urias is a player that has the forte of making contact and staying within the baseball with his swing. The infielder is now featuring an accentuated leg kick in his stride and doing so with two strikes on him. This is not good. He will not have success in the game with an approach like this. He needs to get his foot down and simplify his swing.

At this point, Luis Urias needs consistent at-bats to get his swing back in order. His playing time with the Padres is sporadic presently, and it seems vital that Urias returns to Triple-A as soon as possible. His recall from Triple-A earlier this month makes little to no sense.

At this point, the Padres are invested into Ian Kinsler, and he will be given ample time to get out of the offensive slump he is in. Kinsler is a veteran and provides an edge to the team full of young prospects. The veteran plays the game hard and has the respect of many in the clubhouse. He might be an offensive liability presently, but the infielder will be allowed to work himself out of his slump.

I know the fans want Luis Urias in the Padres lineup every day, but he just isn’t ready. Having him overmatched on a daily basis will stunt his growth.

The future is bright for Luis Urias and his time will come. Being a part of this major league team and the excitement it is creating is helpful for his development, but the Padres cannot damage his psyche anymore in the major leagues. He is now 2-for-24 with 11 strikeouts on the year for the Padres. That is alarming. If you think he will get better at the major league level with constant playing time, then you are kidding yourself. Urias is 21, and should not be rushed.

Doing the right thing is tough. Getting the man some at-bats in El Paso might be the best option. Once he gets the swing in order, he can effectively challenge Kinsler for playing time. Until then, he is just being wasted on the Padres bench.

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