Local artist, Joe Dreamz, provides “Slam Diego” love for Padres

Credit: Joe Dreamz

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Credit: Joe Dreamz

Being a major league baseball player consists of a thing called a “grind.” Achieving your ultimate goal of playing at the highest level is not an easy task, and often it takes players years to accomplish this goal. This grind can be maddening, and some simply do not make it.

This same grind can be said about the music industry and those wanting to gain notoriety. Only some will be fortunate to realize their dreams of stardom and recognition. Local artist Joe Dreamz is close to achieving his goals in the music industry. His career is accelerating. Please take a look at his work on YouTube.

You may know Joe if you attended any Padres games this year and walked to Petco Park. The artist has been to around 77 of the 81 home games this 2022 season. He performs in front of the stadium in select areas and can also be seen on 5th Avenue in Downtown San Diego. He is becoming a Gaslamp regular and is making an excellent name for himself.

His songs “City Connect and “Slam Diego are San Diego Padres-themed songs and are performed almost nightly by Joe. The fans in the area love his music, and the feedback is positive for this burgeoning artist. Joe messaged several members of the Padres’ front office about his creations. He has yet to hear back from the team. The hope is that the organization will embrace his creation and welcome him to the franchise.

Joe was born and raised in San Diego, but it took some time for him to find his calling in life. Out of college, he took work in several different areas, “I worked at all kinds of jobs. The last job I worked at was selling life insurance. I remember going to the office with my suit and tie on and going to meetings. There were people who had been working there for 20 years or 30 years. And they didn’t seem all that happy,” Joe Dreamz told East Village Times.

Credit: Joe Dreamz

Happiness and contentment were important to Joe. The young artist is into personal development and felt no joy from working a mundane job. He needed something different. “I took a major leap and told myself I need to get out of here. I went on a major road trip,” Joe said. Though he wasn’t financially stable, the young artist rolled the dice and took a chance.

“I went up the coast to Washington. I was living out of my car and driving for Lift to make money. Eventually, I was in Seattle, and my car broke down. I told myself- how can I turn trash into treasure?” Joe said inspirationally.

Joe was on Pier 55 in Seattle, and something hit him. “I had enough money to barely repair my car, but I took that cash and bought a microphone and a little Bose speaker (which I have today). My plan was to pop up at the pier and do some freestyles. I asked people what their dreams are and would freestyle off the top of my head for them. The first day I did that, I made way more money than I did doing Lyft or selling life insurance. Ever since then, I have never looked back. That was 119 weeks ago,” Joe Dreamz said proudly.

The Padres and San Diego sports have always been important to Joe. “My dad was a Padres fan long before I was even born. He always talks about the 1984 team. My dad is a San Diego native. I remember him taking us to games at Qualcomm Stadium to watch the Padres and Chargers,” Joe said with a fondness to his voice. “One of my first memories of the Padres was Trevor Hoffman. My favorite players were Jake PeavyKhalil Greene, and Hoffman. Every time Hoffman would go in, they would play Hell’s Bells from AC/DC.”

Joe lives and breathes Padres baseball currently. He points to the trajectory of his work and proudly states that it mirrors what the Padres are presently doing in MLB. Sports mean a great deal to this philosopher as he reasons the meanings of life. “Sports reflect real life. The daily obstacles that are tackling you and trying to take you out. You strive to overcome those obstacles to get to your goals,” Joe Dreamz said.

The Slam Diego song was developed and finished by Joe on the night of the Daniel Camerena homer off Max Scherzer in July of 2021. “The vision came to me, and we recorded it off the energy I was feeling,” said Joe Dreamz. That iconic Padres moment helped inspire Joe to finish a masterpiece that he had been contemplating for months. A song about the San Diego Padres.

Credit: Joe Dreamz

Joe speaks about the youth and helping people in need of direction. The lyrics to his music are positive, which is really refreshing for Hip Hop these days. Joe wants his music to be remembered and enjoys his interactions with the kids around San Diego. He spoke about a favorite moment while performing. “I signed my first baseball. It was two young kids (brothers) with their parents, and they asked for my autograph. I got the moment on my Instagram. That was pretty cool,” Joe said with a sense of pride. “Reaching the younger generation and seeing them sing along. Hopefully, they are inspired to go take a leap of faith by seeing me take a leap of faith every game. Not knowing how everything is going to work out.”

The San Diego Padres played this past week in New York for three games. It was the Padres’ first round of playoffs, and Joe was there in the Big Apple with the team. With no plan and pretty much at the spur of the moment, the young performer traveled to New York to support the Padres. “I didn’t have all the money to get back home when I went to New York. I barely had enough to afford a motel a mile away from the stadium. I didn’t even know how the stadium was set up or if I would even be able to perform there. If I got my stuff impounded there, then I was screwed. I went and took a leap of faith,” Joe Dreams told East Village Times.

In New York, on the verge of being stranded, Joe Dreamz grinded away performing his music (wearing a Padres jersey) on the road in one of the most hostile environments on the planet. “I had been to New York before, and that environment toughened me up. I knew that wearing a Padres jersey and performing a Padres’ theme song in front of their stadium would invite a lot of antagonisms. That was a great opportunity to strengthen my character. How can I use this to spread the cause? How can I use the antagonism to help further the vision I have?” said Joe.

While in New York, Joe did what he does best. He followed his faith in god and continued with his art form. “I just knew I had to make the money while I was in New York to return home. It wasn’t until the last day there that a random contribution came in on Venmo. I remember a $50 contribution on that last day was enough for me to get my ticket home. It is a testament that if you have faith, god will bless you. He waits until you take that leap of faith before he shows you the path or the way,” Joe proclaimed.

An incident happened in New York after the Padres’ series-winning victory in Game 3. Joe was performing his song Slam Diego in New York on the outskirts of the stadium when an unruly Mets fan taunted and pushed Joe off his speaker stage. The altercation went viral and provided a great moment for the young artist. “I was happy I was able to capture that moment (the push),” Joe said with a brief pause. “Hoping that… remember those kids whose baseball I signed? If they are watching me. I hope they say (to themselves) when I am under some heat or some pressure- I am going to respond that way too. Instead of responding emotionally, I am going to be like Joe Dreamz and keep going. I am going to keep going,”

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There is no stopping this young artist. He has love in his heart and a great talent within.

Joe Dreamz and his song Slam Diego provide love for the Padres and the city of San Diego. Something we all need more in our lives. “I am super passionate about personal development. That is actually how I came up with live Joe Dreamz (Live Your Dreams). Because it is like the marriage between my passion for music and my passion for personal development,” Joe Dreamz said. “I feed my mind and take a lot of the inspiration from what I am learning and put it into Hip Hop form.”

The San Diego Padres are attempting to achieve their goal for a city starved of a championship. Individual success is nice for the Padres, but there is only one real goal. To quote the final lyrics in Joe Dreamz song Slam Diego- “You know that job ain’t done till we hold that trophy up.”

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