Is a Wil Myers for David Price trade beneficial for Padres?

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The San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox match up well in a potential trade of Wil Myers for David Price. Each team clearly wants to go in another direction and a fresh start could be beneficial for both teams. 

It is not a well-kept secret that A.J. Preller is attempting to offload Wil Myers‘ and his contract off to another team.

Offloading Myers’ contract is priority number one for the Padres this offseason, but finding a prospective trade partner isn’t as easy as it sounds. The outfielder is owed $69.5 million over the next three years while his decreasing on-field production (0.5 WAR, 96 wRC+ in 2019) only lowers his value even more.

However, there is another team with another egregious contract who might be willing to play ball with Preller, the Boston Red Sox.

Once flush with cash and payroll space, Boston now finds itself well over the luxury tax threshold and looking to shed payroll by any means necessary. Massive contracts given out to the likes of Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi have handicapped the Red Sox from signing virtually any free agent this offseason.

Another player that Boston has been attempting to move is David Price. The former Cy Young winner is owed $32 million over the next three years after signing a seven-year, $217 million extension after the 2016 season. Injuries cut his most recent season short, though, as he only pitched 107.1 innings in 2019.

So, San Diego is looking to acquire a front-of-the-line-starter while trying to dump Myers, while Boston is trying to dip below the luxury tax threshold by dealing their former ace. It seems like a match made in heaven, right?

For Boston, yes. By trading Price for Myers in a straight one-for-one trade, the Red Sox would be saving a little less than $10 million per season while slotting Myers in at first base, a position where they have no current answer for outside of platoons. A fresh start with consistent playing time could be all Myers needs to find his true self again.

However, such a trade may not work so well for the Padres. True, Price would give San Diego the ace they’ve been searching for, but the cons that come with Price are just as difficult as Myers. While the Red Sox would be saving more than $10 million per year, the Padres would be adding that same amount for the next three years on a payroll that is starting to stretch at the seams.

A 3.62 FIP, 3.73 xFIP, and 3.85 SIERA in 107.1 total innings culminated to a 2.7 WAR for the 34-year-old lefty, which still qualifies as an effective season. However, only 24 of those innings came after the All-Star break as Price dealt with left elbow tendinitis and a TFCC cyst in his left wrist. The wrist issue was so damaging that it required surgery after the season to get the cyst removed.

Even with a successful surgery to remove the cyst, the health concerns on the aging pitcher are a reasonable cause for hesitation on any potential trade deal. Boston has already stated they are not willing to include other players to trade Price, so a player like Andrew Benintendi is off the table.

There are benefits of adding the 2018 AL Comeback Player of the Year, but the cons of his contract and health concerns make this Price a little too steep.

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Jason Freund
I am currently attending San Diego State University while working on achieving a major in journalism. At SDSU, I write for The Daily Aztec while also hosting the sports radio show "Picked Off", for KCR Radio. A loyal fan of San Diego sports, I hope to bring content that you will enjoy reading.
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George k
2 years ago

I believe moreran has alot more upside than lucasi at this point and the reds would take either one of them. If we can get nick from the reds let’s do it now .we will loose alot of these young guys if we do not move them.we loose young guns every year in the minors draft, and as known as rule 5.

George k
2 years ago

Well at this point I would move asmis,or our catcher,put myers back behind the dish in spring.he could back up our young catcher. Put Cordero in center.let the young guys compete.we are a 500 team at best.try to make the trade with cindy for there young out fielder,but if not let get in on 2020.

George k
2 years ago

Look , again i say use your talent in the much good talent has already been traded this year.spangenburg was way more productive as the second basemen they got from oakland.another preller boy.what happens is there talent stars to develope and they trade them least five i can think of.look at the cubs ,astros and dodgers.they bring up there good players and slot them ,giving the vets a this point , thepods are a 500 team.i think davies will be a young stud, he can bring it and mixes pitches well.dont trad off are talent for old… Read more »

2 years ago

Hozmer sucks but he led the team with 100 rbis.. would love to see him and Myers go but not for price.. why hasn’t anyone suggested trading Manny teams need 3b…..

2 years ago

Hosmer was a dumb move. It was very much a first domino to fall. From screwing up Myers, having too many 1B, tying up salary on a player thats not that good and on the backside of his career, Not being able to sign a Strasburg etc. what a stupid move. I agree with those that want a Price for Hosemer. That would definitely be a (good?) for both teams. Keep Myers rebuild his value. Don’t let this become the next T Turner, Rizzo fiasco.

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