Hosmer’s not in Kansas anymore, Padres unfazed

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In a recent interview, Eric Hosmer had some candid things to say about the San Diego Padres and the way the team handled trade rumors last season and into the winter. 

The 2021 season was an epic failure for the San Diego Padres.

A second-year manager and most of the coaching staff were blamed for the collapse, but there is more to the story. A recent quote from Eric Hosmer regarding trade rumors last year shed some light on why the Padres clubhouse was in a funk towards the end of the 2021 season.

“If my situation was in Kansas City, it would have been handled a little differently. But I’m not in Kansas City. I’m in San Diego. That’s how they operate here. I’m not holding a grudge because no one came up to me and told me what’s going on. I learned that’s part of the business.” Hosmer told Kevin Acee of the UT this spring.

Once secured to a (then) record-setting contract for the franchise, Hosmer was labeled the face of the team and a clubhouse leader for the San Diego Padres.

Even as he struggled with the bat and glove, fans were told about his presence in the locker room and how that was invaluable to the Padres. For his name to be shopped around and without Hosmer being educated about the situation can ruffle the feathers of a veteran player. It obviously upset Hosmer at the end of last season, and it had an ill effect on the way the Padres closed the season.

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The trade rumors continued into the spring, and Eric Hosmer had to address them right away in Peoria. “Whenever you are a professional, those talks are going to come out. There are one or two guys that aren’t going anywhere, but anyone else is pretty much fair game,” Hosmer told KUSI News in front of his locker early one morning. The first baseman is now prepared for these rumors to occur again, but his focus remains on the team. “The only thing I have to prove is to my teammates,” Hosmer said with a smirk on his face.

Communication is a problem for the Padres. In the past, they have blindsided players by trading them. A.J. Preller and his staff are aggressive when it comes to transactions, and the cruel reality of that hit Eric Hosmer hard. It seems he is prepared in 2022 if these rumors continue to surface around the Padres clubhouse.

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The San Diego Padres do not seem phased that Hosmer was irked by the process the team chose to adopt regarding trade talks. At this time, he is still very much a part of the team and will be needed for the team to achieve its ultimate goal of a World Series title. For now, Hosmer is a Padre and the team will continue to move forward with the first baseman as a key member of the roster. Things always seem to change in Padres land, though. That is just the A.J. Preller way.

8 thoughts on “Hosmer’s not in Kansas anymore, Padres unfazed

  1. Typical Hosmer. Wants to blame others for his lack of maturity. He doesn’t read the websites? The club has been looking to trade him for years due to his unwillingness to change his swing and lift the ball.
    If everyone else is “fair game” then why did he behave so unprofessionally when asked about the trade rumors? Why he did allow this situation to lead to a split in the clubhouse? Dissension in the clubhouse was a major factor in the club’s epic collapse down the stretch.
    He was signed for his “leadership”, the least we can expect is for him to man up and behave like a professional.
    Trade him and let him take his churlishness elsewhere.

  2. It is crappy to not inform a professional player he is on the trading block. It will mess up a clubhouse & the psyche of said player, by at least, not informing the player. Is the office of the Padres professional or children? Something the Padres need to work on or future free agents are not going to play in San Diego. The Chargers are doing a better job of informing player personnel. Maybe the Padres can take notes for the future.

    1. Do you think he didn’t know the club was trying to trade him? All he had to do was read East Village Times, there have been articles for years.

      1. Haha Tom… remember I am the guy who guaranteed the Padres wouldn’t sign him… I had way more faith in A.J. back then

  3. I would love to see Hos shut the mouths of the Hos-Haters…by performing this season at the top of his game….a 280. average, with 25 homers and 90 rbi’s should get it done…I’ve always thought his glove was better than people said…maybe,I’m dreaming, but, I’d love to see Hos bounce back BIG, in ’22.

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