Franchy Cordero poised to breakout in 2020?

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Credit: AP Photo

Franchy Cordero had an injury-plagued 2019 season, but could he be a force for the San Diego Padres in the coming year?

The San Diego Padres seem to be in search of a left-handed batter to add to their lineup.

There is a need for a left-handed hitting corner outfielder who can hit in the middle of the order and get on base at an exceptional clip. The Padres claimed Nick Martini, as he provides what they currently covet, but the 29-year-old is not a player for the future. He provided some on-base skill but lacked other traits that are needed to be a severe everyday threat.

With rumors of the team kicking the tires on several potential players- there is a sense they will make a move. The Padres need to shuffle their roster for the upcoming 2020 season, but they might have a player in the system who fits the mold of the man they seemingly desire.

Much forgotten about Franchy Cordero is more than capable of providing the team with offensive firepower in the coming years. The Statcast darling had an injury-marred season in 2019 but is still very young and extremely motivated. Cordero is repeatedly among the league leaders in bat speed analytics and such. He can drive the ball with authority but does have a lot of swing and miss to his game that he will need to amend.

Cordero is 25-years-old and is only 26 days older than Manuel Margot. He has been in the system for a while, starting with the Padres as a shortstop. The left-handed hitter was moved out of the infield, as Cordero had issues with his footwork at shortstop. The plus speed and arm strength he possesses made him a natural to move to the outfield. Though he can play centerfield, Cordero lacks the innate ability to track the ball off the bat. He is athletic but very raw.

There are some concerns about his inability to stay healthy as he has missed time in the last few years with an assortment of injuries. There is still plenty of upside with the talented Dominican outfielder, though, as he flashes five-tool ability. The left-handed hitter owns a career .335 on-base percentage in over 2,200 minor league at-bats. Cordero has off the charts bat speed and drives the ball with effortless authority into the stands. The strikeouts are a concern, but he makes up for that with an exceptional combination of power and speed.

Can Cordero stay healthy long enough to be a factor at the major league level? The power is developing for him, but will he break out in 2020?

Only time will tell. The Padres will give him an opportunity to compete this spring for a job if he remains on the roster through the winter. There is always the option of a trade when it comes to this outfielder. A.J. Preller and his baseball operations team will not be shy to explore all scenarios. There is a lot to like about Franchy Cordero, and he could be poised for a breakout in 2020, or he could very easily be lost in the shuffle. The coming season will be telling for the future of this left-handed hitting outfielder. The potential is there to be a star, but a career is not built on potential. Cordero must stay healthy and improve in all facets of his game. At 25, there is still plenty of time for Franchy Cordero to break out. Will 2020 be that year?

5 thoughts on “Franchy Cordero poised to breakout in 2020?

  1. IF Cordero plays winter ball and he has a great injury-free spring training, he could be a key piece of the outfield for 2020 and beyond.

  2. I think development period is over for Pads. Cordero will be playing El Paso the majority of 2020. Hopefully, he can get healthy and regain shine he had back in 2018.

  3. I suggest this year to prove himself…He is unbelievable! potential to set records. Stay healthy for this year and for the next ten, Man up now!…fish or cut bait…We need you!!!!!!!!!!

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