Four Reasons Mike McCoy Is NOT Leaving

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Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Before I start, allow me to say that this has to be one of the most interesting San Diego Chargers seasons to witness.

The birdies flying through Chargers Park were chirping “If Mike doesn’t beat the Donkeys this October 13 and make those color rush uniforms look good… he’s OUT!”

They also were chirping “Why are the Chargers so conservative? Why does it seem they constantly take their foot off the gas? It must be the coach.”

Many Chargers fans are not happy about the 3-5 start the 2016 season. Chargers fans are looking at head coach Mike McCoy with big emoji eyes. Should players fear the future of their head coach in Chargers land?

Does McCoy have to go? It doesn’t seem the case in America’s Finest City, as the Spanos family seems very comfortable with him as the head coach. Still, there are whispers about his leadership abilities, and that cannot be ignored.

Take Eric Weddle and his situation last year. Staying out of the locker room during half time? I get it, he’s a great dad and was supporting his daughter, but would that have happen under Mike Tomlin’s supervision? That particular moment in Chargers history was truly bizarre. The lack of communication from the team and its players was evident and concerning.

None the less, the Chargers are turning the AFC West into one of the best divisions in all of football. The last place Chargers could easily be 8-0. All the injuries (season ending) have led to uncertainty about McCoy’s future. A new stadium proposal complicates the matter further. Changing coaches at this point seems counter productive. An amazing rookie class has assisted the coach. Jatavis Brown, Hunter Henry, and Joey Bosa have all been productive. Each is taking on Mike McCoy’s “Next man up” slogan with fire. That intensity for their coach leads me right into it, Mike McCoy isn’t leaving. And here’s why:

1. Culture

No, Mike McCoy isn’t Bill Belichick, but who is? Believe it or not, the culture around Charger Park has been changed. These players aren’t satisfied with being mediocre, at least Michael Crabtree‘s level of mediocre, in Richard Sherman‘s eyes, but every player is preparing like a starter. Sure, Mike McCoy doesn’t get loud when we want him too. He also gets obviously nervous late in games, but the fact is he remains with the team, and these players are busting their tails even when it seems hopeless. If not for the coach, then for themselves and that alone is good coaching.

2. Preparation

Mike is known around the league for his particular preparation for each week’s new opponent. With the 11th ranked defense currently, the team has been in each game. The Chargers have led all but two games going into the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter. The offense has continued to thrive this season, despite multiple injuries to the wide receiver unit. Unfortunately, unlikely mistakes have taken their toll on a Chargers season, that going into week nine, could be an 8-0 team or at least 6-2. But the Chargers are 3-5 this season and that is reality. Yes, the play calling can be questionable after a loss at times, but so can Belichick’s. At what point do you blame the players? You know, the ones actually on the field. If a team is succeeding despite injuries, the coach deserves praise for preparation.

3. Players Coach

Mike McCoy has been under fire a good two plus years in San Diego, taking all the blame from the critics and not putting it on his staff, nor even calling a player out in the media. Believe it or not, players will always respect that kind of guy, and it shows. Mike McCoy is a coach known to give each man on the “53” a (seriously) fair opportunity. I mean, of course, no one was going to take Philip Rivers starting spot, but each player must earn their spot each day.

4. Chemistry

Mike McCoy has been the coach of the Chargers since January of 2013. The Chargers went to the playoffs his first season, and he really hasn’t really had a fair shot since. Many optimists believe 2017 will be the deciding year for the coach and his system. He just seems to have caught too many bad breaks to be judged accurately. Chemistry, it’s the biggest factor in a successful football team. If it isn’t broke, then don’t try to fix it. I wouldn’t say the Chargers are broken just yet.. Just in need of some better luck and healthy starters.

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