Fleet Docked in San Diego; Preparing for Battle in San Antonio

Credit: SD Fleet

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Credit: SD Fleet

The first week of San Diego Fleet Football is officially upon us. Many are still wondering what to expect from this upstart league. Fresh off what has been deemed a not so super game on Sunday, football fans are saying “Now what?”

You don’t have to ask me twice. If you are in San Diego, on social media, or don’t live under a rock, then you know the answer. The “what” just dropped anchor. Starting today, the first game week practices will be under way. Fleet coaches will be installing their game plans. Players will be buried in play books, taking mental reps along with physical ones.

Following a training camp in San Antonio, which was capped by preseason games league-wide, the Fleet are preparing to play there on Saturday night. The San Antonio Commanders will host the Fleet to kick off the AAF season.

We have not seen Martz’s offense in action to know how he will use the weapons at his disposal, but rest assured this week will be spent finding ways to exploit their opponent in any and every way possible. While the offensive staff focuses on their foe’s perceived weaknesses, they will be rectifying some of their own as well.

Fleet quarterback Michael Bercovici will be the expected starter Saturday. Bercovici has some tremendous skills for his position. A cannon for an arm, it’s not a question of if he can get the ball there. The question lies in how accurately he will deliver his passes. Even in college, Bercovici had a propensity for turnovers. The Fleet’s first preseason game was no different. The Orlando Apollos’ secondary had a field day, picking him off three times.  Mike Martz has a reputation of fixing these types of issues with quarterbacks, so you know it will be a focus for the young signal caller.

A common trait for AAF rosters is players reviving their careers. All across the league, there will be guys that haven’t suited up for a game for a long time — some a season, others longer. There will definitely be an air of excitement in the locker rooms leading up to this first game. Could this lead to game day jitters? Blown coverages? Dropped passes? Regardless of these things, football is alive and well.

Something that sets the AAF apart from previous leagues that didn’t stand the test of time is the quality of personnel within each organization. Teams are chock-full of former players and coaches. I heard Hines Ward say that the league boasts over 500 years of professional sports experience! Looking at the Fleet staff, I have zero qualms they will have this team coached up and ready to play.

With less than a week until we see the Fleet take the field, there is still a lot of preparation ahead. Coaches and players alike will be pushing themselves to prove they deserve to be here. Check back mid-week for the official depth chart. It will speak volumes about what the coaches saw in that preseason game. We will be here all week to give you any and all things Fleet.

Fleet Week is here! East Village Times will be covering them all season and we hope you will be here with us. Football is back San Diego and the San Diego Fleet need your support. Be prepared to start by watching Saturday night!

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