Fleet Deploy to Memphis; Update on Where to Watch

Cali Comfort BBQ Official Fleet Watch Party

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Credit: SD Fleet

Death and taxes. These are a couple of life’s absolutes, right? The life of a sports fan also carries a constant: Change is inevitable. Hold on now, don’t get excited. The Fleet didn’t trade Ja’Quan Gardner to the Memphis Express for Christian Hackenberg! Fleet fans would lose their collective mind if those shenanigans went down. The start of Saturday’s game did get flexed from 5 pm to 1 pm though.

Even the AAF have followed the precedent set by the NFL, siding with the “better matchup” for Prime Time. Showing on NFL Network will now be Orlando Apollos (3-0) versus a surging Salt Lake Stallions (1-2) team who upset the previously undefeated Arizona Hotshots in Week 3.

The Fleet will take on an Express team that has been slowed by, well, slowed by the inadequacy of their quarterback play. Fresh off a quarterback change Memphis hopes their fates have been altered for the better. The matchup with the league’s cellar dwellers has taken your beloved team out of prime time and off of cable altogether.

Great news though! You can still watch the San Diego Fleet on a Bleacher Report Live broadcast. If you are not familiar with the sports streaming service you can find it HERE. Typically there is a subscription required. This link takes you to a free viewing of the San Diego Fleet vs Memphis Express game.

What does this mean for hungry Fleet fans? Side note. So hungry,  that according to Fleet General Manager Dave Boeller, have helped the team lead the league in merchandise sales! Well done Fleet Fans. Back on track, sure you can sit at home on your couch scaring the dog every time you scream hoping they can year you through your flatscreen. Or…

You can get out to a local viewing party.

Odds are you can go to your local tavern, sports bar or any other local joint where you would normally watch football and ask them to put the game on. Sound like an okayish solution? Were it me (and I do have to work Saturday morning but will be heading this way immediately afterward to interview some fans) I would go where many other Fleet Fans will be:

I met Cali Comfort BBQ owner Shawn Walchef at the Week 1 Tailgating festivities at the stadium. The event was great and you can read about the fun all the fans have out there so you know what to expect next home game: Fleet Fans Carry On San Diego Tradition; Tailgate Level: Expert.

Originally this was a Saturday Night event. With the game flexed to 1 p,m it is now a Saturday Afternoon Event. The place will be packed with loud fans, cold beverages, and delicious food. Tough to go wrong.

Here is my call to action. My goal was to have ALL the Fleet Watching Events in this article. If you know of others Tweet back at me (JasonMobbs_THF) and let me know. I will add your event on here ASAP. So spread the word. I would love to have a list of options for people all over the county to go and watch with other fans.

If we don’t get any others on here, come out to Cali Comfort BBQ and join me. Like all the other games or fights they host, people turn out and for a good reason. Good food. Good people. And a good time.

Make that your goal. Show up. Whether it’s there or another Fleet showing. Even if your team is on the road you can represent and draw in other people that miss watching football in San Diego. Don’t get the Away Game blues. Get out and have some fun. It will make the next Home Game all that sweeter.

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