Final Four Photo Collage courtesy of Don De Mars

Credit: Don De Mars/ EVT Sports


Up until this moment, no team had ever made a game winning buzzer beater in the Final Four when their team is trailing. (Don De Mars/EVT).


For 31 minutes and 42 seconds, the FAU Owls had a lead over the Aztecs. But, they did not finish with the lead due to Lamont Butler’s buzzer beater. He made history and the Aztecs are still dancing. (Don De Mars /EVT)


After the game, Darrion Trammell said this about Butler’s buzzer beater: “I can’t even explain it. It’s just different. That’s something we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives. When we are at each other’s weddings and we’re done with all this, we’re going to come back and remember that moment. It’s great to have experienced that.” (Don De Mars / EVT).


NRG Stadium erupted after Butler’s buzzer beater. The Aztec faithful was loud and proud. There was a clear home crowd advantage for the Red and Black. (Don De Mars / EVT)


The SDSU assistant coaches are very vocal. On a regular basis, the coaches are getting out of their seat to yell commands at their team. AT NRG stadium, the bench is underneath the court, making it harder to get players attention. (Don De Mars / EVT).


Matt Bradley took matters into his own hands early on. After struggling against Alabama and Creighton, he looked to find his rhythm early. He connected on his first four shots, scoring 11 points in the opening 5:20.
(Don De Mars / EVT).
FAU is one of the best teams in the NCAA at defending two pointers. They outscored the Aztecs 28-24 in the paint. (Don De Mars / EVT).


Rosado only played 18 minutes but every time he touched the ball offensively, he was a threat. His post fadeaway worked over multiple SDSU defenders, he created space and the Aztecs could not cover the air space. (Don De Mars / EVT).
LeDee struggled to score and find his rhythm early in the game. But he was a key component of the second half comeback as he spun inside and found space away from defenders. (Don De Mars / EVT).
Davis is FAU’s best player. Bradley and company did a tremendous job guarding him. He finished with eight points on 2-for-9 shooting. (Don De Mars / EVT).
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