EVT Top-100 San Diego Padres Prospects

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Credit: Baseball America

The San Diego Padres top-100 prospects

Here is this latest edition of the East Village Times top 100 San Diego Padres prospects.

In compiling this list, several factors are taken into consideration. Age, upside, motivation, and potential are the biggest influences (for me) in attempting to determine a player’s future value. Ranking prospects is not an exact science, and these rankings are easily debatable.

The point of this list is to display the ridiculous amount of talent in the San Diego Padres system.

Enjoy the list, and please let us know if you have any comments.

100- Drake Fellows– RHP  03/06/1998
Highest Level: Has yet to make debut
2019 Stats: Has yet to make debut

Fellows is an interesting prospect. He throws hard and tops out at around 95-96 mph. The former Vanderbilt pitcher typically sits in the low 90’s with a sinking fastball. His slide is a real weapon. Fellows does have issues with left-handed batters and needs to refine his changeup. The competitive pitcher will rise in this list once he shows his stuff against professional hitters.

99- Emmanuel Ramirez– RHP  07/15/1994
Highest Level: Triple-A El Paso
2019 Stats: (8-8) 6.19 ERA/1.49 WHIP  129.1 IP/116 K

25-year-old Emmanuel Ramirez made it to Triple-A this season. The right-handed pitcher throws in the low to mid-’90s but has control issues. He loses command on his fastball both in and out of the zone. Ramirez is susceptible to giving up the long ball. He is not a very highly-regarded prospect. More of an organizational filler at the moment. He needs to refine his mechanics and hit his spots to have any shot of being a viable option for the Padres.

98- Michael Curry– OF  07/04/1997
Highest Level: Single-A Fort Wayne
2019 Stats: .815 OPS  (.285/.379/.437)  8 HR/45 RBIs

The 16th-round pick in 2018 is not flashy but is consistent. The right-handed hitter has shown some power, and he will take a walk at the plate. The outfielder has little speed and is not considered a plus defender. There is time for him to get better and progress to the upper minor leagues.

Credit: Charles Ralston

97- Starlin Cordero– RHP  07/21/1998
Highest Level: Short Season Tri-City
2019 Stats: (2-0) 4.54 ERA/1.574 WHIP  33.2 IP/50 K

This 6-foot-7 Dominican is a hard-thrower. He can reach triple-digit, but sometimes has no idea where it is going. He has thrown 41 wild pitches in his minor league career. The 21-year-old throws hard and flashes a decent offspeed, but is a complete project. He needs to find consistency with his mechanics. Often a hard thing to do for large-framed pitchers.

96- Adrian Martinez- RHP
Highest Level:  Single-A Lake Elsinore
2019 Stats:  (7-4) 3.22 ERA/1.185 WHIP  81 IP/76 K

Mexican right-handed pitcher Adrian Martinez has a 94-96 mph fastball with good movement. He also shows a tight slider and improved arm action with the pitch. 2019 was his first year with a sub 5.00 ERA in his minor league career. He may have figured some things out and could be someone to keep an eye on in 2020.

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95- Blake Baker- RHP  01/10/1999
Highest Level: AZL Padres
2019 Stats: (1-1) 2.35 ERA/1.217 WHIP  23 IP/34 K  8 saves

Drafted in the 25th-round out of Miami Dade College, Baker has impressed early. He recorded eight saves in 18 games. He has a sinking fastball and only allowed one homer in the desert this summer. There is a lot to like with Baker, but he will need to develop to be a real option.

94- Cristian Heredia- OF  04/12/2001
Highest Level: DSL Padres
2019 Stats: .765 OPS  (.265/.349/.416)  5 HR/35 RBIs  20 BB/42 K

Heredia has plus size at 6-foot-3 and 175 lbs but is very raw with his skills. The teenager from Spain shows plenty of power in his left-handed bat. He gets on base and will walk, but will also strike out a ton. The outfielder has a plus arm and decent range on the field. He is one to keep an eye on as he could rise in the rankings quickly.

Credit: Tri-City

93- Michell Miliano– RHP  12/22/1999
Highest Level: AZL Padres
2019 Stats: (2-0) 5.14 ERA/1.952 WHIP  21 IP/35 K

It seems like Miliano has been in the system forever, but he is still only 19. The Dominican pitcher has a plus fastball with great movement, but he cannot throw strikes consistently. He has walked 53 batters in 64 career innings, and that is not going to cut it. On stuff alone, he’d be higher on this list. But there are questions if the 6-foot-3 pitcher will ever be anything more than a fringe relief pitching prospect.

92- Jason Pineda– INF  11/22/1999
Highest Level: Short Season Tri-City
2019 Stats: .633 OPS (.224/.304/.329)  1 HR/16 RBIs

Drafted in the 17th round in the 2017 draft, Pineda has an interesting prospect profile. He should hit for more power than he does, and he needs to show a better eye at the plate, but Pineda is still only 19 years of age. He started in the system as a possible third baseman, but he looks only to be capable of playing first at the higher levels. The right-handed swinger has very little speed to his game.

91- Nick Gatewood– 1B/C  07/17/1997
Highest Level: Single-A Fort Wayne
2019 Stats: .659 OPS (.229/.296/.363) 5 HR/37 RBI’s  19 BB/61 K

The left-handed catcher has power to his bat, but he does swing and miss a lot too. The Padres are attempting to keep Gatewood behind the dish, but he could eventually be a first base option. The 22-year-old still has time to improve and could eventually work himself into being a plus hitter.


9 thoughts on “EVT Top-100 San Diego Padres Prospects

  1. James,
    Great effort, as usual! You covered most of the position players of interest with the exception of Ethan Skender and Ripken Reyes, who had decent years. Long-time rated pitchers Michel Baez and Henry Henry were missing and I liked the stats I saw on Jesus Lugo, Ethan Elliott and Martin Carrasco.

    Lots of talent in the system with most just reaching or below AA.
    Look forward to Spring update!

    1. Baez is not considered a prospect anymore… Henry probably should have made the cut. Skender and Reyes were close… this system is so deep

  2. Thanks for the work James, I can imagine how hard it is to put together this list, but a couple of possible omissions, Tom Cosgrove, and Lake Bachar.

    1. Thank you. Appreciate the comment… the system is so deep. I agree. Both could have easily made the list. It is difficult to recognize them all.

  3. Great list James! Thank you for putting all the time in to make these exhaustive lists. Helps us Padre fans learn/know about more players than just the top 30 guys.

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