Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 03 with Kurt Bevacqua

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Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

In this third installment of the Padres EVT Podcast we discuss all the recent San Diego Padres news including the Alexei Ramirez signing. We also talk to former Padres great Kurt Bevacqua. He always provides a great interview and is well versed in all things baseball and especially all things San Diego Padres.

The iconic infielder is fondly remembered among Padres fans and he still works very closely with the team to this day. He is a frequent guest on the Padres Social Hour show. Bevacqua has a lot to say about the current Padres situation. We explore the teams current state and delve into what is expected of the 2016 Padres and beyond.

The three of us also discuss chemistry in a baseball team and discuss the ability of the starting staff (James Shields, Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross). Kurt tell us about the 1984 San Diego Padres and the way they played the game. More specifically we discuss the intangibles and such that cannot be found on the stat sheet.

An intriguing part of Bevacqua’s past the magazine he co-created in the early 80’s called “Baseball Gold”. It was a great idea and well before its time. We discuss the thought behind this monthly periodical and the inner workings behind the magazine.

Kurt talks about Tony Gwynn, the catching situation, and discusses who should be playing in the outfield. We covered tons of information, but yet still only scratched the surface of all we had to talk to Mr. Bevacqua about. We will definitely have him back in further podcasts. His time is very much appreciated by the whole EastVillageTimes staff.

He is currently working on a project with a wine label in Temecula. The “Legends Series of Wines” will be showcased at a later date in limited amount and the first three wines to be released will be the Rollie Fingers, Rich “Goose”  Gossage and Trevor Hoffman series. 601, 321 and 310 bottles will be released of each wine signifying the amount of saves each Padres closer has earned. Something very special to look forward to. So check out the podcast and enjoy.

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