Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 13 with John Conniff of MadFriars

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Credit: Fox Sports SD
Credit: Fox Sports SD

In this lucky number 13 episode we bring you John Conniff of MadFriars. John has vast knowledge of the San Diego Padres farm system and it was great to hear his take on all things Padres.

In attempting to bring you quality thought about the Padres we bring you all aspects of the team. John and the guys at MadFriars do excellent work and you really should check out their work if you haven’t already.

John has 13 years experience covering the Padres for MadFriars and we asked him about many former and current Padres prospects. He gives us his take on Austin Hedges, Trea Turner and Hunter Renfroe. It was especially interesting to hear his assessment of Trea Turner. John likes Turner a lot, but only time will tell if the Padres won the Wil Myers trade.

We could not resist discussing the Craig Kimbrel trade with John. The four prospects the Padres got in return for the all-star closer are very highly touted. Manuel Margot and Javier Guerra are both evaluated as the MadFriars top 20 list was just released. John talks about his picks and the fact he likes Guerra over Margot at this point. It is really a matter of opinion on the top prospects lists, but it does give you an excellent idea of a players worth.

Jose Rondon has fallen off a lot of charts as a Padres former top prospect and we discuss that. The shortstop was once considered the Friars top shortstop option (in the minors) but had a down year last season. He is still ranked by as the Padres #5 prospect but in reality that ranking is a bit too high.

We were only able to scratch the surface in speaking to John. We are excited to have him back in the near future. He is reporting to Peoria next week and we here at EVT hope to get some more inside information from John and the guys at MadFriars.

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