Eric Hosmer Has Been Everything the Padres Had Hoped For

Credit: AP

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Credit: AP

Eric Hosmer has been everything the Padres the Padres have hoped for this 2018 season.

When the Padres signed Eric Hosmer to his eight year, $144 million contract, many were already chalking it up as a bad contract and that the Padres would regret it, long before he even set cleats on the field at Petco Park.

With all that pressure, Hosmer has laughed at his doubters and all the way around the bases to being the most reliable hitter in the Padres lineup and one of the more well-rounded hitters in the National League.

It’s time to give the man his due.

Hosmer leads the team in multiple offensive categories including on-base percentage (.379), wRC+ (137), doubles (18) and hits (65). On top of that, he has +3 Defensive Runs Saved and has only made one error in over 500 innings at first base. He has some stiff competition at first base in the N.L. but he is ninth in the league in on-base percentage, ninth in wRC+, eighth in hits and is tied for the lead in doubles.

Upon his arrival, he was not expected to hit .320 with 35 homers.

That’s just not the type of player Hosmer is and those who studied his game knew that coming into this. The $144 million spreads farther than just for his offense. His leadership in the clubhouse has already manifested itself. He always is a good interview and doesn’t make excuses.

Hosmer is a player Padres fans would want all these young, talented prospects to look up to. He’s “been there, done that” with a World Series ring on his finger. He knows what it takes and could lead this team to a similar fate somewhere down the line.

A.J. Preller said signing Eric Hosmer “accelerates the process” and based on the results on the field, it looks that way. The Padres are no longer losing games by seven runs and being the doormat of the National League. Their run differential has been cut by more than half (in the right direction) and are a few games better than last year. Most projections have the Padres exceeding 70 wins this season now, after most started the season with the Padres flirting with 100 losses and the worst record in baseball.

Hosmer’s career average is .284, he is hitting better than that. He has a lifetime 113 wRC+ and he has that up to 137 this season. He is also hitting a stellar .347 with runners in scoring position.

Last year through 58 games, he hit .309 with a 116 wRC+ but with just five homers. He has two more home runs while maintaining his average around .300 and having a far better wRC+. By the way, he finished last year hitting .318 with 25 home runs. He has been par for the course so far this  year.

What more could we have possibly asked of Hosmer to start his first season as a Padre?

2 thoughts on “Eric Hosmer Has Been Everything the Padres Had Hoped For

  1. I agree. I’m the guy who wrote for EVT back in January (?) that the Padres should not sign him. From what I have seen so far, I was wrong about him, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

  2. Nice article by Nick Lee! Not that it matters, but who with the Padres front office was instrumental in deciding to go after him in the off season? Was it Ron Fowler, Andy Green or AJ Preller? I have always admired Eric Hosmer and I remember last season wishing he was ours. And now he is!

    Yes, he has taken Wil Myer’s job as a first baseman. Isn’t it curious how we heard how happy Myers would be to give up first base if the Padres could get Hosmer? Then when it happened, he said how boring it was to play the outfield and that he missed being at first base. Huh??? Then he gained all that weight – 25 extra pounds and now he is injured – again. The Padres are in big trouble with Wil Myers! Not only do they have a huge contract that has to be honored, they have a guy on their roster who may not be able to fit in. And we will never forget “who” we traded (Trea Turner, SS for the Washington Nationals) to get him….. So not only was it a terrible trade, it was also an even worse contract that was extended to a guy who was supposed to be the face of the team. OUCH! The Royals had him and got rid of him to Tampa Bay. That was no accident. Then the Rays moved him in that 3 way deal to SD. Now it looks like the SD Padres are “stuck” with him now. This is not looking good. But at least we now have Eric Hosmer.

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