Could Wil Myers be what the 2023 Padres are missing?

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Are the San Diego Padres missing Wil Myers?

From afar, it may not seem like it.

However, recent struggles show that it goes beyond hitting slumps, which displays why the Padres are failing to win games this season. The clubhouse is frustrated due to the fact that they are unable to generate runs at a consistent level, therefore losing games. The dugout isn’t filled with much joy or laughter, which is what we have seen in the last few seasons.

We all know Manny Machado is the captain of the team, and rightfully so. Yet, Myers was a part of the Padres’ struggles long before Machado was considered to be in playing in San Diego. Myers had been in the clubhouse answering questions as to why the Padres couldn’t win a game back when we all knew the answer anyway … because the team was just flat-out bad.

Fast forward to 2023, it seems like the Friars are inventing new ways to lose games. The offense is really struggling to hit with RISP, and it’s at a historically low rate. It’s going to take a lot for the lineup to turn it around. There will be highs and lows, but if the Padres’ lineup doesn’t figure it out now, it will be too late for them to make a playoff push.

Earlier this week, Myers was designated for assignment by the Cincinnati Reds. His first season away from Petco Park did not go as planned, as he hit three homers, 12 RBIs, and batted only .189 with an OPS of just .541. He’s been injured for a majority of the season, and with the Reds’ recent winning streak, the team felt it was best to keep the active roster intact, therefor getting rid of Myers.

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If the Padres were to entertain bringing Myers back, the decision would go beyond his ability to perform on the field. Maybe the clubhouse needs Myers’ presence in there to relieve some of the pressure that Machado is dealing with. Myers knows this team better than anyone, and even though he never had the success in San Diego that he hoped for, he still created memories that nobody will forget.

I’m sure the team would bring Myers back with open arms if he was interested. He could serve as a valuable option off the bench and platoon option against left-handed pitching. Trent Grisham struggles to hit against southpaws, and Myers could fill that void, at least for the time being, as the lineup desperately needs to figure out a way to hit with RISP.

As of now, the Padres and Myers are not engaging in any talks, and they may never again. This is just something to consider as bringing Myers home could benefit the Padres not only short term but potentially long term as well, with championship aspirations in mind.

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