Chris Paddack is the Padres best-kept secret

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paddack is the San Diego Padres best-kept secret. Most of Major League Baseball is only slightly aware of the pitcher. But things are about to change. 

It is a bold statement, but stick with me for a second.

San Diego Padres right-handed pitcher Chris Paddack had a strong showing with the club in 2019, posting numbers that are comparable to Cy Young winners Jacob deGrom and Clayton Kershaw. While Padres fans are excited for the arrival of MacKenzie Gore and the development of Joey Lucchesi, Paddack will most assuredly become a headline name in San Diego’s rotation for a long time.


Let us start with his effectiveness on his pitch mix, which consists of a four-seamer, changeup, and curveball. With each pitch, opposing batters struggled., particularly with his fastball. Hitters were unable to generate any sustainable quality of contact on this pitch, having low expected statistics, particularly on his four-seamer, allowing an xBA, xSLG, and xwOBA of 0.209, 0.381, and 0.275 respectfully. As Paddack relied on this pitch 61.1% of the time in 2019, it became a more reliable tool for creating outs. His secondary pitches were also effective to some degree, throwing his changeup and curveball 28.5% and 10.4% of the time respectfully. If Paddack develops another pitch and improves the ones he already has control of, he will become a perennial All-Star hurler.


Paddack is one of the most underrated National League pitchers in 2019, as his performance challenged that of some elite arms in the game. We mentioned before how batters struggled against his pitch mix. His strikeout rate of 26.9% further proves this. What fans must recognize is that this is one of the best rates in the NL last season. Amongst pitchers in the NL that threw at least 140 innings, Paddack finished in the top ten in this category.

Using the same criteria, he also had a low walk rate of 5.5%, which ranked ninth amongst qualified pitchers. This rate matched that of Jacob deGrom and is better than that of Clayton Kershaw (5.8%). Aside from his rate statistics, Paddack is also effective in limiting the rate in which ball were put into play, posting a BABIP of 0.237, which ranked first amongst those who fit the criteria. So, let’s review:

Paddack finished in the top ten in both strikeout and walk rate amongst NL pitchers who threw at least 140 innings and is first in BABIP under these criteria. There is no reason to believe that he won’t take a quantum leap in his development and emerge as one of the better starters in the National League.


While the team is allocating funds at different positions on the roster, the player development portion of the organization has been predominantly focused on the pitching staff. While others appear ready to be long-term solutions to the Padres rotation, Paddack appears to have the skillset to be one of their better pitchers in MLB and be placed in the same conversation as deGrom or Kershaw. He is the Padres best-kept secret. Major League Baseball should take notice. 

2 thoughts on “Chris Paddack is the Padres best-kept secret

  1. Our pitching staff is looking very promising. We have Paddock, Lucchasi, and more than enough pitching this year to be good this year on the mound at least (if we play). We have Gore and more possible stars on the rise as well sitting and ready with a bit more seasoning.

    I hope AJ doesn’t screw this up and start trading this STRONG staff to “get his own guys” or to bring in past their prime veterans.

    I’m excited about what we have in front of us. LA has, and will, out spend us. We NEED our farm guys to compete. Paddock can lead this group if he’s given that opportunity. Go Pads!

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