Bringing back Wil Myers makes sense for Padres

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The San Diego Padres need offensive help for the 2023 season, and Wil Myers could be an answer for the team. 

There is no doubt that Wil Myers’ time in San Diego was a disappointment.

Myers never reached his potential as injuries and consistency plagued the right-handed hitter virtually his entire time with the Padres. A.J. Preller and the Padres overpaid for his services when they extended him before the 2017 season for $83 million. Those are the facts.

So, why in the world would the Padres consider bringing him back?

The game of baseball is all about timing. And for the Padres, the timing may be right to consider reuniting with Myers for 2023 and perhaps beyond. Obviously, he would not earn anywhere near what he did in his final years with the Padres. His value is not that of a $15-20 million player. His value may not even be half of that presently.

The timing of the situation makes sense for San Diego as they currently have no active first baseman on the roster. Also, the current DH would be a battle between Luis Campusano and Taylor Kohlwey. Neither is a viable option for a team looking to contend. Moves need to be made. There needs to be a veteran feel to the lineup.

Let’s face it. Wil Myers would not be a huge offensive upgrade for the Padres. At the age of 32, you’d be naive if you believe there is an upside in his bat. The potential is there for Myers to be a 3 or 4 WAR player (maybe), but beyond that, his future role may be as a bit player. For San Diego, that is just fine. They need bodies, and the former Friar could probably be signed for a decent price. Myers may even take less to return to the Padres.

Price alone is not the only selling point, as Myers would easily be the longest-tenured Padre. You get a sense that he feels there is unfinished business in San Diego, and he would enjoy watching success come over the city. Myers’ night out at the bar after the Padres knocked off the Dodgers in the 2022 playoffs shows that he is a man of the people. Wil Myers loves the city, and the fans have mutual respect for the veteran ball player.

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Signing Myers to an incentive-rich contract while surrounding him with one or two more solid veteran players seems to make the most sense for the Padres. Jose Abreu, the team’s first choice for the first baseman position, signed with the Astros this week for three years and $60 million. The Padres could not pay that hefty price.

Preller and his staff may elect to save some money and search for players who are considered undervalued.

If the price drops low enough on Wil Myers, do not be surprised if the Padres bring back El Gallo.

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